Barr says he has a ‘moral obligation’ to support America’s thin blue line

Our country is at a crossroads, and Barr sees and understands it

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Attorney General William Barr is doing all he can to push back, on the federal level, against Left-wing ‘criminal justice reform’ policies he and other law enforcement experts say are endangering the lives of citizens and providing increases in crime not seen in decades.

Worse, the rise in crime and the Leftist “reform” policies have also led to an increase in attacks against, and deaths of, police officers, who are the ‘thin blue line’ and the last line of defense between order and chaos.

As reported by The Epoch Times, Barr told police officers in Florida this week that the federal government and the Trump administration have a “moral obligation” to support their wellbeing, especially as they face “an uptick in challenges over recent years to keep Americans safe.”

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The news site noted further:

Police officers are facing a rise in attacks in recent years, including physical attacks, Barr reiterated, highlighting that assaults against officers have jumped about 20 percent to about 60,000 assaults per year. Moreover, 106 officers died in line-of-duty incidents in 2018, according to FBI data. The number of incidents last year rose to 134 officer deaths, Barr said.

Along with attacks, officers are also required to combat a number of incidents that stem from a range of social pathologies, including mental illnesses, broken homes, and drug abuse, that could inflict serious trauma on the officers, as well as leading to stress-based physical health problems such as high blood pressure.

“Officers are seeing the worst side of society. What they are seeing today is worse than ever. And they are seeing it more often,” he said during the International Association of Chiefs of Police Officer Safety and Wellness Symposium.

In addition to an uptick in officer attacks and deaths, Barr noted an even worsening problem: Cop suicides, which rose 44 percent in 2019 to at least 228.

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“These are staggering statistics. A lot more must be done. Our men and women who wear the badge are some of our country’s strongest and bravest people,” he said. “And like the rest of us, there are times in their lives when they need support. We have a moral obligation to do all we can to support the men and women who keep us safe.”

The Trump administration has taken a number of steps and implemented policies to assist officers on the state and local levels. These come as Barr told a separate gathering this week that a rise in Left-wing lunacy was turning simple political discourse into an increasingly violent counter-insurgency of sorts.

As USA Features News reported, Barr warned at a religious event in Washington, D.C. about a “strain of progressivism” that has become evident over the past few decades that seeks to move the country away from the liberal democratic institutions of the founders.

The AG said he was growing increasingly concerned about the recent push of progressivism that subscribes to the philosophy that demands the use of “coercive power of the state to remake man and society.”

He said this movement has become increasingly militant and totalitarian in style as its adherents move to change American society.

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They seek power through the democratic process to advance their policy agendas, Barr added, noting they are becoming more “aggressively collectivist, socialist, and explicitly revolutionary.” The goal is to use taxpayer money to make as many Americans as possible dependent on government and, ultimately, the progressive ideology.

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The bottom line is this: Our country is at a crossroads, and Barr sees and understands it. By refusing to support local police officers, Left-wing ‘reformers’ are essentially building tinderboxes that are going to explode under certain circumstances.

Like, say, if the Democrats screw Bernie Sanders out of the nomination or when Trump wins a second term.


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Portland police seem to kiss off violence by antifa against conservatives.

They have a satanic assfaggot for mayor. You need to arrest these mayors and police chiefs. Then Abolish Affirmative Action. How would you like some two-digit I.Q. imbecile backing you on a felony call.

Every sanctuary city has this problem. Don’t call 9-1-1 unless there is a felony in progress. Yep, that’s the kiss off attitude prevalent in today’s sanctuary city departments.


moral obligation to support CRIMINALS who pose as law enforcement??


Yeah , Barr supports police officers , even if they are CRIMINALS !
For those not in the know ,
Barr is the lawyer who got Lon Horuchi off .
Lon Horuchi is the Govt. sniper who MURDERED
Vicky Weaver , IN COLD BLOOD at Ruby Ridge !
And Barr got him off, scott free.
Barr is just as “Deep State” as the rest of them .

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