Trump rightfully lambasts Pelosi, Dems for trying to create needless ‘panic’ over coronavirus

In due course, events will play out and Trump will be vindicated -- hide and watch

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Alright, everyone, take a breath. It should be obvious by now that Democrats are hyping uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus to use as latest political weapon against President Donald Trump, and as usual, too many people in the ‘news’ business are helping them.

Trump addressed the nation Wednesday evening as the total infection rate in the United States topped a whopping 60 cases — hardly a “pandemic” by any stretch of the imagination.

His comments and address come after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made completely irrational remarks to reporters earlier in the day Wednesday, in which she suggested that it was already ‘too late’ for the United States of America, the most technologically advanced and capable nation on the planet, to address 60-odd cases of a viral infection that mimics the flu.

‘Hopefully, we can make up for the loss of time.’ Groan. Just a few weeks ago, the biggest coronavirus ‘crisis’ to CNN at least was a “lack of diversity” on the president’s task force.

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“I think Speaker Pelosi is incompetent. She lost the Congress once, I think she’s going to lose it again,” the president told reporters at the White House briefing room. “I think she’s incompetent and I think she’s not thinking about the country. Instead of making a statement like that, where I’ve been beating her routinely, at everything, instead of making a statement like that she should be saying, ‘We have to work together because we have a big problem, potentially,’ and maybe it’s going to be a very little problem, I hope that it’s a very little problem, but we have to work together. Instead she wants to do the same thing as crying Chuck Schumer…it’s so bad for the country,” the president continued.

She’s trying to create a panic and there’s no reason to panic,” he continued. “All they’re trying to do is get a political advantage, this isn’t about political advantage. We’re all trying to do the right thing.”

Of course, he’s right, including his comments about Schumer.

Trump, who placed the very competent Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the government’s response, also said something last night that isn’t getting anywhere near enough attention: That the “regular flu” kills many more Americans each and every year.

He’s absolutely right about that, too. While this is a “novel” coronavirus — the first time this particular strain has been seen — it still behaves more like influenza, which has already broken out across the U.S. and may be peaking — after infecting 26 million people, sending 250,000 to hospitals and killing 14,000.

But Democrats can’t create a false panic over “the flu,” because a) we get a “flu season” every year; and b) “the flu” doesn’t sound nearly as sexy and ‘dangerous’ as “coronavirus.”

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This false panic is having real consequences, however. CNBC reported Thursday morning that the Dow Jones Industrial Average was set to drop 400 points because of ‘coronavirus uncertainty’ or something like that:

U.S. stock futures on Thursday morning pointed to declines at the day’s open amid concerns the coronavirus may be spreading in the U.S. 

The CDC confirmed the first U.S. coronavirus case of unknown origin in Northern California, indicating possible “community spread” of the disease. The CDC doesn’t know exactly how the patient, a California resident, contracted the virus.

Around 7:30 a.m. ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures indicated a drop of 400 points at Thursday’s open. A decline of that magnitude would put the 30-stock average in correction territory, down at least 10% from its 52-week high. S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures also pointed to sharp losses on Thursday.

This is insane. Yes, the virus is spreading globally. Yes, China has likely underreported its infection and death rate. But come on; to frame this event as the beginning of the end of humankind as we know it is completely ludicrous.

But of course, there is method behind this Democrat-led madness: Political retribution. Hyping this outbreak, such as it is, gives Democrats a useful tool to bash Trump with, and at a time when the party is about to choose its standard bearer.

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They’re even getting some help from Wall Street, whose losses are affecting real Americans for 401(k) retirement plans, not just ‘rich people’ who live of interest.

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In due course, events will play out and Trump will be vindicated in his ‘downplaying’ of this ‘killer virus.’ Like the Ebola ‘scare’ during the Obama administration, which turned out to be much ado about nothing  — in the U.S. anyway — coronavirus will become an asterisk in our history.

And the Democrats will have moved on to the next issue they can politicize in their never-ending attempt to destroy this president.



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When you are prepared there is no reason to panic. However, we need to look at epidemic vs. pandemic. Also, without ALL the knowledge the President is privy to, it would be better to err on the side of caution in these early stages. Especially, since outright lies have been floated from the onset. When has it been where you see videos of people dying in the streets from a cold virus? When has it been where you see pick up trucks with quarantine boxes rounding up sick people, and chucking them in boxes, off to the kung-flu camps? When… Read more »


Distraction, obstruction, hate and propaganda is all the liberals DNC can do anymore. They try and cause panic for political reasons and the hope that people will blame Trump instead of them for what is coming.
They once had the capability to think and accomplish goals but they gave that up back in 2016 along with their commonsense and coherent thought process.


It is all the Democrats have. They are losing their party to the far left liberal and socialist party. They have no viable candidate for the 2020 White House. Their current leadership in Pelosi and Schumer are incompetent fools and could not lead a thirsty horse to water, they are supported by corrupt morons in Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Clybren, AOC, Omar and the list continues. The sane members of the party are too cowardly to standup and fight the stupidity because they would be attacked by the DNC’s new KKK in the ANTIFA and Bernies Bros crowd. All they can… Read more »

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Make No Mistake - Socialism Kills Millions
Make No Mistake - Socialism Kills Millions

Pelosi needs to direct her panic to the Socialist Communist takeover of her party.

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