By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Former President Barack Obama and his hand-picked 2016 presidential successor, the chronically criminally investigated Hillary Clinton, committed the biggest political scandal since Gen. Benedict Arnold double-crossed Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

“Spygate” was a monumental scandal that, at its center, was devised to thwart Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations and, once he had beaten the worst presidential candidate since Mitt Romney, to depose him.

Everyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together who isn’t a blatant Left-wing partisan knows this. The reporting for years has borne it out. It’s a fact. It’s irrefutable. And, hopefully someday soon, Americans concerned about the way these people abused our trust and broke more of our institutions will see some justice served, compliments of U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Clinton played a major role in Spygate. Her campaign bought and paid for the phony “Russia dossier” crafted by partisan former British spy Christopher Steele. She, more than anyone, knows that the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative is a hoax, a fabrication of her pals in the deep state, which included ranking members of the Obama FBI and Justice Department.

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Heck, even former special counsel Robert Mueller had to admit that no evidence exists of Trump-Russia collusion because when a story is a hoax, there is no evidence to be found.

But since Clinton continues to avoid prosecution for her very obvious crimes, according to the FBI’s former top lawyer anyway, she is free to continue spreading the Russian collusion lie, which she did again on Wednesday during an ‘adoration’ visit to Germany.

And this, after she complained about “misinformation” being rampant during this election cycle. Chutzpah and arrogance on steroids.

Asked about the 2020 election, she said, “Well, I just want to make sure we can beat the current president who I think has done a lot of damage to the country and the world. So I just want whoever is nominated to be able to win.”

She continued, “There is so much disinformation, some of it just sloppy and negligent, and some of it very deliberate.”

Can’t argue with her about that; but her party, and her pals in the “mainstream media” and deep state are responsible for 99 percent of it.

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She wasn’t finished.

“Obviously, we know the Russians are continuing to try to choose our next president, like they chose our last one, and we just have to be more vigilant. People have to pay attention to try to get the best possible information. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. That is one of the greatest challenges facing democracy right now.”

And we’d add a caveat: Don’t believe anything this woman says about the 2016 election cycle.

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Once again the press, in our country and abroad, routinely fail to this horrendously despicable person accountable for for what she says and, more importantly, for what she did to our country and our institutions. If there is some ‘cosmic’ justice we are not aware of, we can only keep hoping that Hillary Clinton is eventually judged by it.


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