Oops! Targeting fellow Dems by backing socialist candidates likely to cost AOC her House seat

Could be the party bosses are looking for a little payback

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) appears to be doing everything she can to get her House seat eliminated, mostly by ticking off Democratic leaders and targeting long-serving Democratic lawmakers.

That’s according to the editorial board of the New York Post anyway.

The board wrote Sunday that the Left-wing socialist firebrand has chosen to support seven similarly Left-wing socialist firebrands in their bid for a House seat this year with funds from her Courage to Change PAC.

And what’s more, AOC is blatant about her intentions: To get rid of any lawmakers she believes are ‘standing in the way’ of turning America in a supersized version of Venezuela or Cuba.

“It’s time to elect a progressive majority in Congress accountable to strong, grassroots movements that push support for issues like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, racial justice, & more,” she tweeted Friday.

“My ambition right now is to be a little less lonely in Congress,” AOC told The New York Times.

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As reported by NBC News, at least two of the candidates she has chosen to support financially and with her time are running against incumbent Democrats who are respected and liked among their party’s constituency — two qualities AOC appears to be in short supply of, no thanks to her own efforts:

Progressive figure Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Friday announced her first set of congressional endorsements for the upcoming 2020 election through a new political action committee that seeks to elect progressives to the House and Senate.

Ocasio-Cortez announced on Twitter that her new PAC, Courage to Change, was announcing its first endorsements of candidates who haven’t served in Congress. They include Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez who’s running for Senate in Texas, and for the House, she’s endorsing Teresa Fernandez of New Mexico, Kara Eastman of Nebraska, Georgette Gomez of California, Marie Newman of Illinois, Jessica Cisneros of Texas and Samelys Lopez of New York.

Newman is trying to defeat Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois’ primary. On Newman’s campaign website, she slams Lipiniski for voting against Obamacare and coverage for pre-existing conditions. Cisneros is trying to primary Democratic Rep. Henry Cueller in Texas and said on her website that Cueller is “Trump’s favorite Democrat.”

So there’s that. But even before Ocasio-Cortez chose to go against members of her own party, she refused to support her own party financially, as every member is expected to do, because, you know, ‘muh revolution‘ like, and stuff.

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And what’s more, she defiantly defended her decision, as USA Today reported in January:

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her decision not to donate money to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in protest of a policy to “blacklist” organizations that back Democratic candidates running against incumbents.

“I give quite a bit to fellow Dems - we’ve fundraised over $300,000 for others (more than my ‘dues’), w/ over 50% going to swing seats,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Friday.

“DCCC made clear that they will blacklist any org that helps progressive candidates like me,” she said. “I can choose not to fund that kind of exclusion.”

The New York congresswoman was reacting to an article by Fox News, which reported that some fellow House Democrats were upset with her decision not to pay the $250,000 dues. It also noted that there were 97 Democrats who hadn’t paid as of records from October, but that more may have paid up before the end of the year.

All of this is adding up to one thing for AOC’s future: Congressional unemployment.

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The NY Post board opines that her ‘revolutionary’ ways, which are not popular outside a small subset of Americans — and mostly younger Americans still unfamiliar with the ways of the world and the pitfalls of socialism — could wind up costing AOC her House seat:

Already in hot water for refusing to pay dues to her caucus’ fundraising arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, she’s now devoting her resources instead to defeating Democrats.

Don’t be surprised when the established Democrats who’ll control redistricting after the 2020 Census do their best to eliminate her seat.

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Recall that AOC defeated a long-serving Democratic congressman, Rep. Joe Wilson — the fourth-ranking member of his House caucus — to win her seat in the first place.

Could be the party bosses are looking for a little payback, and she’s giving them plenty of reason to do so.


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No Bolshevic-vampires needed in the USA. Adios choncha.

Bernie Bros/Sistas Wetting Their Pants over Purges
Bernie Bros/Sistas Wetting Their Pants over Purges

lol She wrecked Pelosi and Pelosi’s legacy in just one term.

Better Clutch Those Pearls Nancy - Bernie's Comin
Better Clutch Those Pearls Nancy - Bernie's Comin

It’s a little too late, Pelosi, ya old colostomy bag. You should pipe your bag into your mouth and say bye bye to this world.
..help the FakeNewGreen Deal as weed killer.


Silence DoGood
Silence DoGood

The fool only won with 14% of the vote which means that most of the eligible voters stayed home. This does not a mandate make in any way. Furthermore, “if” they do redistrict her out of a seat, the payback irony of that would be of biblical proportions at which I will laugh until I turn blue.

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