‘Principled conservative’ and #NeverTrumper Joe Walsh is a Bernie Bro now

Trump represents everything Walsh isn't: Bold, brave, and successful

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) If ever anyone has caught a terminal case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS), it’s failed presidential candidate and one-term ‘Republican’ lawmaker Joe Walsh.

If you recall, it was this guy who recently dropped out of the race to unseat the all-powerful President Trump because he’s Hitler in the making who will destroy the world if we don’t remove him from office. Or something like that.

Now, this “principled conservative” is singing the praises of “socialism” as an alternative to Trump’s “authoritarianism” as though he’s making a distinction without a difference.

Now, Joe Walsh is a Bernie Bro.

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He helped talk fellow TDS sufferer Tom Nichols ‘off the ledge’ after Sanders swept the Nevada primary as he was expected to do with the most absurd explanation/justification you could imagine.


So there it is. Seems that ‘deer in the headlights’ look he has in the photo above is a natural manifestation these days.

Joe doesn’t seem to know right from wrong anymore, his TDS is so advanced.

Anyone who seriously prefers socialism to the freedom revolution — economic, social, and governmental — President Trump has unleashed in our country is not ‘principled’ in anything but the ability to be self-serving.

Trump is implementing the most conservative agenda since Ronald Reagan and, in many ways, Trump is setting the new conservative standard.

It’s not mealy-mouthed, weak-kneed, sorta-conservatism. It’s the far-right-of-center, bona fide, where-have-you-been-all-my-life kind of conservatism.

And jokers like Joe Walsh would rather be a Bernie Bro because they can’t stand the fact that a billionaire former reality TV host managed to go from the very bottom of the political ladder to the very top in one try.

While guys like him waller in self-pity and impotence from the sidelines, where they are left to snipe like cowards and spend their days ‘talking each other off of ledges.’

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It’s pathetic, but now, after three of Trump’s first four years in office, those of us who have measured this president’s conservative successes not on the merits of his tweets but on the basis of the policies he has implemented have remained rational. And eternally grateful for the fact that Trump has managed to blow a gaping hole in the very same ‘political establishment’ pouters like Walsh and Nichols and their ilk claimed to have always been against.

Turns out they were never really that serious about it, were they?

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Personally, we think a Bernie nomination for the Democratic Party is a death knell because it will finally accurately define the party for what it has always been: A big government, true authoritarian entity that supports a two-tier justice system with high taxation and the weaponization of government against political enemies.

Trump’s done none of that, Joe Walsh. But hey, Bernie Bro, you be you.


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The only thing worse than an anti-American Democrat Socialist is a GOP DC Swamp Est Globalist Corporatist RINOcrat Fake Conservative, aka Bush-Boehner, Ryan, McCain, Romney, Bill Kristol Jennifer Rubin, Jonah Goldberg, Joe Walsh, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker crap-sandwich that no one wants !

One of the Top One Greatest Man of All Time Once
One of the Top One Greatest Man of All Time Once

Said that ” RINOS are HUMAN SCUM ”
That incontrovertible fact is still undeniably true.

One of the Top One Greatest Man of All Time Once
One of the Top One Greatest Man of All Time Once

said, Jack’ that is one helluva list there.
…might I add Paulosi Ryno ?

edit, oh I see that you did already - Outstanding
edit #2 aha ! you forgot George Will !


Joe Walsh was never really a conservative he is a drama queen and truly hates Mr. Trump but basically he is just a harmless fool standing on the edge of a crowd crying with Mr. Schumer.


Looks like somebody already broke his nose.

Anyone supporting Bernie is an enemy combatant. Yep.
— You know this bastard is a pervert.

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