Sara Carter: Stone is ‘severely’ punished while Comey, McCabe, Brennan ‘haven’t been prosecuted’

These people haven't even been indicted, must less prosecuted

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) During an appearance on Fox Business Network Wednesday with host Lou Dobbs, former Circa News national security reporter and current Fox contributor Sara A. Carter discussed what has become patently obvious to any fair-minded American: We have a two-tiered justice system today.

Though Roger Stone and other allies of, or former White House officials under, President Donald Trump, is being “punished severely” by the justice system, Carter told Dobbs, former FBI officials James Comey and Andrew McCabe, along with former CIA Director John Brennan — all of whom were caught lying to federal investigators or Congress — have gotten off scot-free.

“The entire prosecutions of Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and everybody else they were looking at, or surrounding in Trump’s circumference was based on a false narrative, a lie, we all know that now,” Carter said.

“[Justice Department Inspector General] Michael Horowitz’s report blew that out of the water, we also know it because of the evidence that the American people can see for themselves,” Carter added.

“So basically they weaponized the Department of Justice, they weaponized the FBI, they weaponized the intelligence community to target the President and his administration,” she said.

“This is where all of these cases emanate from, and if you’re looking at Roger Stone, they talk about, you know, the lie to Congress, that he lied to Congress… well look at John Brennan and his lies to Congress, James Comey and his lies to Congress, James Clapper when he lied to all of America, I believe it was back in 2013 when he said there was no warrantless spying on Americans and we found out that was not the case. None of these people have been prosecuted, but Roger Stone is being prosecuted…and punished severely.”

In other words, there’s a two-tiered system of justice in our country today, and thus far, anyway, there is nothing that the Trump administration or his Justice Department have done about it — except continue to allow the [allegedly] guilty parties get away without even being indicted.

The smart kids in the room at Fox News and in GOP circles have suggested that it’s nigh-on impossible to get indictments of Democrat deep staters in D.C. because the grand jury pool is populated with ideological sycophants, as evidenced in the Stone case.

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So — why not impanel a grand jury elsewhere and file cases in those jurisdictions instead, say, where ‘outside U.S. attorneys’ are now examining the origins of Spygate, the machinations behind the FISA abuses, and other aspects of the coup attempt against the president?



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AG Barr - Resign !!!! After 1 year, all we have seen from AG Barr is lip service and protecting the corrupt deep state swamp rats like Andrew McCabe, aka co-conspirator of the seditious treasonous coup plotters go free, while the DOJ pursues prosecution of Gen Flynn and Roger Stone on BS charges that McCabe committed 4 times as much. Then again, what else can you expect from a Bush RINOcrat .. which goes double for that worthless Bush RINOcrat backstabbing pos Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts ! We the people are more than happy to see John Ratcliffe,… Read more »


People that play with fire, often get burned. Military Justice is swift, then you hang at dawn.

—You traitors listening?

George C

I remember when Martha Stewart was charged with insider trading, which is illegal for citizens but it’s OK for members of congress. They didn’t get her on the insider trading charge so they charged and convicted her with lying to congress and sentenced her to 4 months in prison, which she served. Now they want Roger Stone to serve 9 years for the exact same “crime”?


Maybe in this life the criminals of the Deep State are unpunished, but the greater judge Jesus shall judge them in righteousness. Wickedness is in high places and they cover their own in high sins.

they should HAN_, anyone ?
they should HAN_, anyone ?

There should be a special Nuremberg Trail for those criminals.

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