By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Democrats appear to be more nervous about the Trump Justice Department’s interest in all matters Ukraine, as denoted by their new assault on Attorney General William Barr, who has come under fire in recent days by partisans in and out of government.

Earlier reports noted that the Justice Department created a special ‘conduit’ of sorts to receive Ukraine-related ‘evidence’ gathered by presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani — evidence, we’re told, that implicates Joe and Hunter Biden, at a minimum, in alleged corruption.

We reported Feb. 9 that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Fox News that the DoJ had created a “process” for Giuliani to present officials with his findings.

“The Department of Justice is receiving information coming out of the Ukraine from Rudy,” Graham said. “[Attorney General Bill Barr] told me that they have created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified.”

We followed that report with another on Feb. 12 noting that Justice Department officials have actually been reviewing Ukraine-related materials for “several weeks.”

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge, along with Clare Hymes, noted:

Justice Department officials have been “quietly” reviewing records and documents from Ukraine for “several weeks,” a source familiar with the matter tells CBS News.

The source said staff outside of Main Justice in Washington have been assigned by Attorney General William Barr to review the Ukraine matter, adding that the review is being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Pittsburgh and is separate from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe.

Now, according to The Epoch Times, we learn that Barr has sent a letter to House Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), an impeachment co-manager, informing him that two prosecutors have been assigned to review “Ukraine-related materials.”

The paper noted:

This comes after Attorney General William Barr confirmed on Feb. 10 that the DOJ had “established an intake process” to review any Ukraine-related information submitted by individuals, in order to assess its source and credibility. His comments were made in response to questions on whether the department was receiving information about matters about Ukraine from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. …

Following Barr’s remarks, Nadler sent a letter to the attorney general demanding answers as to why the department was receiving information outside of its established channels. Nadler also accused Barr of misrepresenting past comments that the attorney general had not discussed Ukraine matters with Giuliani.

On Tuesday, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd responded to Nadler’s request with his letter. 

Boyd said that the process was initially handled by several U.S. attorney offices or DoJ components, but had been centralized and was now being coordinated by a couple of U.S. attorneys — one for the Eastern District of New York, Richard Donoghue, and the other for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Scott Brady.

They are now responsible for receiving, processing, and reviewing “any information submitted by the public about matters related to Ukraine,” The Epoch Times continued.

Barr stated February 10 that the Justice Department needed to be careful with any information received about Ukraine.

“There are a lot of agendas in the Ukraine, there are a lot of cross-currents. And we can’t take anything we receive from the Ukraine at face value,” Barr said.

“And for that reason, we had established an intake process in the field, so that any information coming in about Ukraine could be carefully scrutinized by the department and its intelligence community partners so that we could assess its provenance and its credibility. And you know, that is true for all information that comes to the department relating to the Ukraine, including anything Mr. Giuliani might provide,” he added.

But Nadler’s interest, as well as that of other top Democrats, sure seems to indicate that they’re nervous about what information is being sent to the DoJ, who’s sending it, and what the information reveals. If there’s ‘nothing to’ allegations about the Bidens and other Democrats — Hillary Clinton comes to mind — then why does he want to know what Barr’s doing in regards to Ukraine?

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That could be due to the fact that Joe Biden is the preferred 2020 Democratic presidential contender the party wants to face off against Trump in November.

Or it could be because there are other top Democrats are implicated in Ukraine-related scandals.

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