By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Leading Republican lawmakers said Tuesday that the ongoing effort by current and former deep staters, in conjunction with Democrats, to get rid of Attorney General William Barr is doomed to failure.

In a joint statement, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), vouched for Barr, saying he has the “highest character and unquestionable integrity” and adding that Democrats’ efforts to “intimidate” him would fail miserably.

“Suggestions from outside groups that the attorney general has fallen short of the responsibilities of his office are unfounded,” the GOP leaders wrote, taking a potshot at Protect Democracy – a left-wing group that gathered signatures from more than 1,000 ex-DoJ officials to call for Barr’s resignation in the guise of a nonpartisan effort, Fox News reported.

“The attorney general has shown that he is committed without qualification to securing equal justice under law for all Americans,” the statement continued after point out that Barr has been confirmed by the Senate “four times to positions of the utmost public trust” in his career.

In all, he’s served as attorney general twice now, deputy attorney general once, and held other positions in government.

“The American system of government is only as strong as the public servants who are willing to preserve, protect and defend it,” the GOP leaders added.

“The nation is fortunate that President Trump chose such a strong and selfless public servant to lead the Department of Justice. We expect that, as always, efforts to intimidate the attorney general will fall woefully short.”

Fox News also noted that the Federal Judges Association announced it was holding an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss the Justice Department’s handling of the Stone case. The group is a voluntary assembly of Article III judges.

President Trump, meanwhile, said he fully backs Barr. “I have total confidence in my attorney general,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday. “I do make his job harder. I do agree on that,” he continued, an apparent reference to the AG’s rare rebuke last week of the president’s tweeting, in particular about Justice Department cases like the one involving Roger Stone.

“We have a great attorney general and he’s working very hard,” Trump added.

Interestingly, the same former DoJ officials and legal eagles had no problem, apparently, when Obama’s AG Eric Holder was being held in contempt of Congress for failing to respond to a congressional subpoena for information pertaining to the botched “Fast & Furious” gun-running operation.

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Or when Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch met former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport at the pinnacle of the FBI’s investigation into her mishandling of classified emails.

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to drive a lot of people to hypocrisy.

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