By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) On Friday, POLITICO reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told members of her Democratic caucus last week that they should begin discussing a series of talking points ahead of the 2020 election designed to convince Americans to disbelieve their own eyes and their own pocketbooks.

The central tenet behind Pelosi’s new “strategy” is this: The economy under President Donald Trump’s stewardship really isn’t that great.

POLITICO reported:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to make a sharp pivot from the heated politics of impeachment and lash President Donald Trump in another key area: the economy.

In a series of private meetings this week, Pelosi has all but explicitly told her members that with the election just nine months away, it’s time for Democrats to shift the spotlight away from the Ukraine scandal and other controversies ensnaring Trump.

To further underscore that point, Pelosi hosted a special speaker’s meeting on Tuesday with a top Obama economics adviser to explain to Democrats why the economy isn’t actually as strong as Trump claims and how they can message that to voters.

For moderate Democrats in competitive districts— including those where Trump dominated in 2016 — the shift away from impeachment less than a week after the Senate acquitted the president is a welcome reprieve. …

Democrats have already begun to aggressively go after Trump’s track record on the economy, teeing up the same line of attack that they attribute to recapturing the House in 2018. But they can’t decide exactly how to message it.

Some Democrats are eager to go all in on hammering Trump, saying he’s lying about the claims he makes about the state of the economy when he came into office, the reality behind the rising wages and jobs numbers and the impact the Republican tax law has had on the middle class.

But other Democrats want to take a more nuanced approach and even claim some of the credit for what they see as good economic news, like January’s strong job numbers, slowly ticking-up wage growth and the years-long stock surge.

On Friday, a Fox Business Network panel discussed this new messaging strategy and essentially pronounced it a loser, given that Americans are not only seeing their personal wealth grow, they are seeing their own communities grow vibrantly, as opportunities abound.

Specifically, panelists noted:

— Americans’ 401(k) retirement accounts rise an average of 17 percent in 2019 to around $112,000, adding real wealth to their portfolios;

— Some 7 million more Americans are in the workforce today than when Trump took office;

— Around 7 million people have come off welfare rolls;

— The stock market has set record after record, rising 60-80 percent in three years;

— The unemployment rate has fallen to 50-year lows around 3.6 percent.

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Bottom line: There is little chance Democrats can convince voters that the economy under Trump is suffering, even though there are a few stats here and there they will introduce in an attempt to convince people otherwise.



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