By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Conservative talk behemoth Rush Limbaugh made a great point on his program Tuesday when he said the Democrats’ biggest problem heading into the 2020 election is that they are creating problems that don’t exist.

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During President Donald Trump’s short three-year tenure, he has turned the economy around; he has delivered on his promise to remake trade deals that are more beneficial to Americans; he has rebuilt the U.S. military into the strongest its been since the Cold War; he is cutting government red tape by the truckloads, which makes it easier on small businesses and corporations to turn profits and expand; he’s unleashed America’s great natural resources, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in income; and he’s making us safer by taking on and taking out the world’s most prolific terrorists.

How can Democrats run against that record of success, especially on the economy, which has created record stock market gains that feed the retirement plans of more than 100 million Americans?

Easy. You have to invent problems, as Limbaugh noted.

“They are imploding for a host of reasons, but among them is they are offering solutions to problems that don’t exist,” he said. “They’re trying to create problems that we don’t have anymore because we’ve got Trump, because we’ve instituted market economics, because we have a foundation of conservatism here that is being implemented, policy after policy after policy. So they’re having to invent these problems that they have, in fact, created over the years so that they can offer solutions to them.”

That’s a major reason why Democrats favor socialism over free-market capitalism. Pure socialism has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried, so naturally that economic model would create a lot of problems — that Democrats would say only they are qualified to ‘fix.’

Another is ‘climate change.’ Democrats and the Left have been bleating about the horrors of human-caused “climate change” for decades with one prediction of end times doom-and-gloom after another…after another.

On that note, Mother Jones magazine published a piece Wednesday actually speculating that Trump’s ‘poor record on climate change’ is his biggest “vulnerability” heading into the 2020 elections because so many Americans are so very concerned about the issue:

A little more than 10 years ago, Donald Trump and his children signed a letter that ran as a full-page ad in the New York Times. In it, they urged global leaders to reach an ambitious climate change deal at the annual United Nations conference.

The position didn’t hold. Months later, Trump said he thought Al Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Prize because of an unusually cold winter. Since then, Trump has tried on many different excuses for ignoring climate change, from calling it an outright hoax on Twitter to claiming in an Axios interview that it’s part of a natural cycle that will “go back like this,” he said, making an ocean-wave gesture with his hand. 

But most Americans don’t agree with that assessment. For the last year, there’s been a clear trend in polls finding that climate change is Trump’s most unpopular position, outranking health care, immigration and foreign policy as the issue he gets the worst marks on from registered voters.

The piece goes on to cite a number of surveys in which respondents give the president poor marks for his “climate change record.”

That’s supposedly “proof” of the “vulnerability.”

Again, the Left is fooling itself into believing that a problem exists when it doesn’t.

We have no doubt that Trump’s “climate change record” to Leftist Democrats is ‘poor’ because they truly believe in the ‘problem.’ But the fact is, “most Americans” do not agree that “climate change” in the way Democrats present it is a problem.

Survey after survey going back years prove time and again that ‘climate change’ ranks at the bottom or near the bottom in terms of importance to Americans. In fact, Pew Research is the latest polling firm to demonstrate the point, as WorldNetDaily reports:

Every major Democratic presidential candidate has made addressing “climate change” a major priority, warning of doom for mankind if fossil fuels are not drastically curbed or eliminated within the next decade.

Voters, however, don’t share that concern, according to a Pew survey that found it to be ranked 17th of 18 priorities the government should address.

That result is consistent with Pew polls since 2007, when “global warming” was added to a list of priorities voters were asked to assess. In 2016, when the language was changed to “climate change,” the issue was ranked third to last. In most years it’s been second to last and in some at the very bottom.

This year, only “global trade” was ranked lower than “climate change.”

In 2014, Pew released the results of a survey indicating that yes, most Americans believe the climate is changing, but again, in terms of pressing issues, it didn’t rank it high. Indeed, Pew found that “Americans were among the least concerned about climate change threatening their country.”

Gallup did a survey in 2014 and found the same thing: Low concern over “climate change.” It was second-to-last in overall importance to Americans.

And obviously, from the most recent Pew results, our attitudes haven’t changed much.

So this notion that Democratic presidential contenders are somehow going to expose a Trump “vulnerability” by pushing their climate change agenda is absurd. The fact is, ‘most Americans’ aren’t concerned about it.

As to the “hoax,” few Americans actually deny that our climate patterns are ‘changing.’ After all, they have since the Earth was formed and they will continue to do so.

The ‘denial’ is over Democrats’ assertions that a) humans are causing the patterns to change; and b) that’s a problem only they know how to ‘fix.’ There is no evidence outside of biased “climate models” ‘proving’ that human activity is altering climate patterns. None. And the party denying that is the Democrat Party.


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