Gallup: Majority of Americans say they won’t back a ‘socialist’ candidate

Socialism is and always has been a poor cousin to capitalism

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Sen. Bernie Sanders, the “Independent” from Vermont, wants to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, but he has a problem: Bernie’s never been a Democrat.

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Rather, Sanders has been a scowling, angry Commie socialist his entire political career and everybody knows it. Now, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any support at all, of course, but it does mean he’s got a tough road to the Democratic nomination, let alone the presidency.

A new survey from Gallup found that a majority of Americans aren’t willing to back an avowed socialist presidential candidate, as reported by The Hill:

A majority of Americans surveyed in a new poll said they would not vote for a socialist candidate for president, with the most opposition coming from Republican voters. 

Asked whether they would vote for their party nominee who was a “generally well-qualified person for president who happened to be socialist,” just 45 percent said yes and 53 percent said no, according to the Gallup poll released Tuesday. 

The acceptance for a socialist nominee, is 2 percentage points lower in the recent poll than when Gallup asked the same question in June 2015

Democrats are much more likely to say they would vote for a socialist, based on the new poll. Gallup found that 76 percent of Democrats said they would vote for a socialist, whereas just 17 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of independents said the same. 

The Trump campaign obviously knows this, which is why the president regularly denounces Bernie as a “socialist” and why he often says “America will never be a socialist country” at campaign events.

In addition to that, note the highlighted section above: According to Gallup, at least, the political trend in the country is moving away from socialism, not towards it.

One might think just the opposite would be occurring given the Millennial generation and the perception that the demographic is more accepting of Bernie, ergo, socialism.

Is the ‘Trump effect’ at play here? The more the president mentions socialism by name and associates it with certain political opponents, the more Americans seem to be learning that, as an economic model, socialism is and always has been a poor cousin to capitalism.

Plus, hard-core socialism — the kind seen in Venezuela, not the soft-socialism of Europe — breeds shortages, misery, chaos, and instability.

The more Americans learn that, the less they seem willing to accept it, which is a great thing for our future.

Capitalism isn’t perfect, but that’s because it was devised by humans and we are imperfect creatures. That said, in terms of economic models, there are none better, as the mere existence of America proves on a daily basis.


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Yep, only 18% of the population is doped up, or mentally defective enough to vote for a marxist-satanist shithead.

Personally, I think satanism and marxism need to be outlawed. All subversives can be deported after having their citizenship revoked. I think china is where they belong. They can eat dimsum bugs, bats, pangolins, monkeys, and fermented abortions.

A Commie is A Commie
A Commie is A Commie

Sanders is full-on Kommunist, so quit calling him a just a socialist.
How f’ing blind, deaf and dumb can people be ?
.. It’s the Lying FakeStream Media that is full aware he’s an 80 yr old sworn lifelong Stalinist Pol Pot wannabe. You won’t actually hear them admit it, but it’s painfully obvious that they hide it.
Cambodia’s Killing Fields is his vision for a future America.
..but they’re all part of the revolutionary plot.
Especially CNN <- look at that logo. Does it get anymore culturally CommuNNist than that ?
..dead giveaway

A Commie is A Commie
A Commie is A Commie

But there is great irony in the Kommunist Killing Fields that the media promotes and bandies about - they’re the first ones to go !
lol lmao roflmao at the abstract justice of it !


Sanders should be laughed out of the country but instead he is thrust into the limelight. The people that support him are brain dead lemmings. The people that promote him are evil Alinsky marxists.
My God, I hate me some stupid and evil.
Some folks tell me hate is wrong. I say it’s good. Ain’t no gray area. You either love or hate. And I hate stupid evil marxists. I try not to let it consume me. I’ll do a slow burn then get on with the day. Thanks for listening. Feeling much better.

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