By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) During a discussion about why the number of Iowa Democratic caucus voters dropped by nearly double digits this year as compared to 2016, MSNBC political analyst Zerlina Maxwell claimed it was proof of “systemic racism” because nearly all residents in the state are white.

In 2016, 44 percent of caucus participants for Democrats were first-time voters, as compared to just 35 percent this year. Asked to explain that drop if disdain for President Donald Trump on the Left is supposed to be such a motivator, Maxwell agreed that it should concern Democrats “but for a different reason” than many.

“Maybe I’ll be the only person to say this today. The Iowa caucus is essentially the perfect example of systemic racism. Ninety-one percent of the voters in Iowa are white,” she said.

“The reason why you see a drop in turnout, I’m just speculating here, it could be perhaps that white children are not in the cages,” she said, alluding to the long-time Democrat talking point arguing against President Trump’s strict immigration enforcement policies — though ‘kids in cages’ was first publicized by CNN during the Obama administration.

“So when you’re talking about the tangible pain that black and brown people are feeling, they feel a sense of urgency because their kids are being put in cages, right?” Maxwell continued.

“So if you have 91 percent white electorate, that sense of urgency may not be reflected in the turnout numbers,” she continued. “I’m not saying that’s the reason for this. It could be a factor.”

Critics pointed out that President Obama won Iowa in 2008 and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is Hispanic, won the GOP caucus in 2016.


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