By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Without a doubt, California has become one of the wealthiest locations on the planet, home to the world’s biggest, most powerful and influential tech centers.

But at the same time, the state’s largest, richest cities have become a “dystopian” nightmare for many, thanks to the the Left-wing policies of the Democrat super-majorities who run them.

People who moved to the state decades ago have seen it transition from a paradise offering a tantalizing combination of great weather and great economic opportunities into something out of a moving featuring some future apocalypse. And now they fear that there is no turning back.

Worse, the ‘woke’ ‘progressives’ who now run things are miserably failing to deliver on the utopia they have always claimed they could, despite the vast wealth they have attracted.

In fact, one critic of the Democrat-run city of San Francisco says the combo of high-tech billion-dollar corporations and the multimillionaires they have spawned are a stark contrast to the growing number of homeless and drug-addicted living in squalid encampments where they relieve themselves on public streets in full view of hapless residents.

He compared it to “high-tech feudalism,” in fact.

Business owners must deal with rampant, brazen theft, often costing them hundreds of dollars per day. There are homeless defecating and urinating all along their storefronts. Drug-addicted shoot up in their bathrooms nearly to the point of death.

“Our society is falling apart,” said Gilles Desaulniers, who settled in San Fran 40 years ago from Canada, opening two shops but having since sold one and looking to unload his current business where he sells fresh fruit, vegan snacks and organic wines.

“If people do not play by some rules, society does not function. But it feels like there is no order, there is no shame,” he added.

And it’s all about to get worse, after voters elected a Marxist for a district attorney, Chesa Boudin, whose parents were infamous militants from a far-Left, anti-war group.

The UK’s Daily Mail notes:

The beautiful city by the bay, where Tony Bennett famously left his heart and which poses as a beacon of progressiveness, has more billionaires per capita than any other on the planet.

Not long ago, a seven-bedroom home here recently sold for $38 million…while at the Michelin-starred Saison restaurant, the ‘kitchen menu’ starts at $298 a head and reservations require a $148 deposit.

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The city authorities have a huge $12 billion budget, handing their 31,800 staff average annual pay and benefit packages of an astonishing $175,000. 

Yet the tide of homeless, addicted and mentally ill people washing up here has become so severe that a global expert on slums claimed San Francisco may be more unsanitary than some of the poorest parts of Africa and Asia. …

As one prominent academic tells me, it seems a cruel irony that so much squalor and despair is found in the Californian base of all those billionaire technology titans seeking to reshape the world in their image.

“San Francisco has always had hobos but we’ve never seen anything like this. It’s become a vision of some kind of strange dystopian future,” says Joel Kotkin, a widely respected professor in urban studies.

He can reel off damning statistics to back his claim that San Francisco symbolizes the Golden State’s descent into “high-tech feudalism” including America’s highest poverty levels, its worst rates of property crime and its biggest gap between top and middle incomes. 

But one statistic stands out: almost half of homeless people in the United States are in California, according to a recent White House study. 

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And San Francisco, a comparatively small city that is home to tech giants such as Twitter, Uber and Airbnb, has the highest rate of ‘unsheltered’ citizens – at ten times the national level.

The very thing the Democratic Left rails against most — “income inequality” — is the most profound it’s ever been in one of the most far-Left cities in the country. And yet, the 2020 Democratic candidates who are the farthest to the Left — Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — have only discussed this concept and the “corporations” that allegedly cause it in the abstract.

As the 2020 Democratic caucuses begin today in Iowa, it will be interesting to see who among the field of Leftists is the first to take on San Francisco’s glaring hypocrisy.


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