Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld predicts GOP will split, lose Senate in 2020

The RINO faction of the GOP is dying out as Trump firms his grip on the party

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) The two Republicans running an impossible race to steal the 2020 GOP nomination from an increasingly popular President Donald Trump are resorting to some pretty wild conspiracies in their bid to get noticed.

On Friday one of them, Joe Walsh, a one-term U.S. congressman from Illinois, made headlines briefly when he accused the voters he’s trying to win of belonging to a “cult.”

“My party is a cult. I’m a conservative Republican; Fox News won’t have me on. Conservative media will ignore me because they’re a cult with Trump. The Republican parties in each state: they are a cult for Trump. I didn’t sufficiently get all of that and that’s made this really hard,” Walsh said in an interview with the Left-wing Guardian from England.

Now, the other also-ran, former RINO Gov. Bill Weld of Massachusetts, is predicting a Republican Party breakup if Trump continues to be its leader.

“Donald Trump would be in charge of the know-nothing party, which was half of the Whig Party that split a century ago, and you know, they were founded on anti-immigrant prejudice, violent rallies, and conspiracy theories,” he told Fox Business News anchor Neil Cavuto on “CAVUTO: Coast to Coast.”

“So history does have a way of repeating itself, and the wonderful thing about the Whig Party splitting up is the other half elected Abraham Lincoln,” he added.

Weld also predicted that Republicans will lose the Senate this fall and that Democrats will continue to hold the House, ostensibly because of the president.

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He noted that if the GOP persists in their efforts, “the emperor has a wonderful suit of new clothes, I think the Republicans will lose the Senate and we’ll have a Democratic Senate and House next year.”

History lesson aside, it doesn’t look like the Republican Party is in danger of fragmenting, given GOP voters’ continued overwhelming support of the president and his policies.

Now, the Democrat Party is a different story.

As evidenced by the manner in which the party establishment is waging all-out war against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, it’s clear that the overt Leftist faction of the party is gaining power and influence among a rising number of voters.

If that weren’t true and if internal polling was not showing that, then Bernie would simply be dismissed as insignificant instead of treated as someone on the cusp of stealing the nomination from a party to which he’s never belonged.

While it’s true that the crop of 2020 Democrats all vying for the prize are very nearly equally Marxist, Sanders is the most open about it and he’s got the longest history of trending Communist his entire career.

But he’s the one drawing the monster crowds, while Biden, Warren, and the others can barely fill small venues.

House and Senate Republicans know full well by now that the GOP is Trump’s party, and that in order to remain in power they have to remain in his good graces and that of his voters. And most Republicans are embracing that.

Weld’s ‘predictions’ and ‘advice’ for the GOP make him sound like #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol, angry that his GOP-lite faction of the party is no longer relevant or wanted while remaining desperate to sound relevant again.

We don’t know if the GOP will lose the Senate and the House again in November or not, but we’re fairly confident in predicting that the Republicans won’t go the way of the Whigs.


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RINO Please - Just STFU !
RINO Please - Just STFU !

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