Former fed prosecutor McCarthy says Democrats could continue Trump impeachment

(USA Features News) Former federal prosecutor and assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy said in a Saturday interview that even if the Senate acquits President Donald Trump this week of impeachment charges, as looks likely, the Democratic House majority could still continue their inquiry.

“I think he should be concerned about that anyway,” McCarthy told Fox News’ Ed Henry in regards to whether the president should be concerned about more ‘bombshell’ information coming from his former national security adviser, John Bolton.

“Even if we get out of the four corners of this Senate trial, that doesn’t mean that the House impeachment investigation is over,” McCarthy continued.

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I hear the fried bat weiner tastes divine — Adam Schiffhead.

TalkingHead r Just That - Full of Shit
TalkingHead r Just That - Full of Shit

um, the talking head is under the impression that Democrats having talent other than crying,whining,pouting,being useless,in the way, double-standard and so on…did he mention what that talent might be ?

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