By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) On Thursday, various media outlets reported that 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg’s 60-second Super Bowl ad was going to focus on gun control and feature a crying mother who lost her son to gun violence.

According to The New York Times:

In the minute-long ad, which the campaign released on Thursday, Calandrian Kemp tells the story of her son, George Kemp Jr., as the camera pans across childhood pictures of George in football gear. He was shot and killed in 2013 during an altercation while he was at mechanic school; he was 20.

“I just kept saying, you cannot tell me that the child I gave birth to is no longer here,” Ms. Kemp says, her voice breaking. The screen then shows white text on a black background: “2,900 children die from gun violence every year.”

That figure has been cited by Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group primarily financed by Mr. Bloomberg.

Kemp goes onto praise Bloomberg’s gun control advocacy, naturally.

“I know Mike is not afraid of the gun lobby — they’re scared of him,” she says. “And they should be.”

In response, we reported:

Showing such an emotional ad involving a very controversial issue — far more people die each year from self-inflicted gunshots than by ‘gun violence’ — during one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, if not the most anticipated, is a gamble, especially if the game is close and fans are really into it.

Also, the Super Bowl has a long history of featuring light-hearted, funny ads; showing one that is patently political and a definite downer to boot is risky. A upbeat ad focusing on American patriotism, including love of football, and how the candidate can improve upon the many good things about the country would be a better approach for Bloomberg.

But he didn’t consult us.

Well, the Trump reelection campaign didn’t consult us, either, but it seems as though we were sharing the same thought pattern.

The campaign released one of its two 30-second Super Bowl ads and it is much more upbeat and positive than the Bloomberg ad sounds (and far less preachy):

Again, we haven’t seen the Bloomberg ad, but if the NYTimes’ report describing it is accurate, it’s going to be a major downer during a much-anticipated sporting event when, most likely if the game is good, spectator spirits will be high and moods positive.

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That said, we’re certainly not trying to downplay or trivialize the woman’s loss of her son. But then again, parents lose children everyday, unfortunately, to many causes other than gun violence. It just doesn’t make much political sense to us to preach about such a controversial, overtly political subject during one of the year’s biggest sports venues.

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