Jared Kushner: ‘Only President Trump could get Israel to agree to a Palestinian state’

The Palestinians rejected it out of hand, but this plan is historic nonetheless

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Though a few congressional Democrats who have a history of anti-Semitism decried President Donald Trump’s announcement of a Middle East peace plan earlier this week, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who also serves as a presidential adviser, made an observation about the deal that is worth highlighting.

Namely, that Trump has managed to do something that generations of U.S. presidents have failed to do: Get Israel to agree to an actual map outlining a future Palestinian state.

“This is an over 80-page proposal with a map, never done before, and getting Israel to agree to a Palestinian state and also agreeing to a map is an amazing first step that will make us be more closer [sic] to peace in the near future,” said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

The president himself touted the plan and tweeted out an image of the proposed map.

“It’s a very technical proposal that gives the Palestinian people the ability to live a better life,” Kushner continued.

“It takes the land, which is very complicated because this issue has been ignored for so many years and Israel has expanded more and more, which made it harder and harder for the Palestinians to have a place that they could have a state, it doubles the territory that they have the ability to have and it gives them a lot of economic incentives if they’re willing to change their governance structures,” he continued.

“You need to have freedom of press, you need to have respect for human rights, you need to have credible institutions that can run a state,” Kushner said. “So this gives them a pathway to really achieve everything that they’ve always spoken about.”

“The Palestinian track record is perfect in not being able to make a deal, but his opportunity is available only because of President Trump’s leadership,” Kushner correctly noted.

It needs to be said that President Trump reached out to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, but the latter shot down the plan and the opportunity to be a part of it, calling Trump a “dog.”

“They called me from Washington and I did not pick up the phone,” Abbas said, according to the Jerusalem Post. “I said no and I will continue to say no… We are going for difficult days and we are beginning to bear the consequences of the refusal. Resistance must be escalated at all points of friction. All young people must be encouraged.”

“I was told I’ll pay a heavy price for my foolish behavior. I do not have much longer to live and I will not go down as a traitor. It’s either dying like martyrs or flying the Palestinian flag on the walls of Jerusalem,” he said.

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In other words, it’s give Palestinians all of the historic and Biblical Jewish capital of Jerusalem — and the rest of Israel proper — or nothing, which is typical of their response.

Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Trump getting Israel to at least agree to a formal Palestinian state is indeed an accomplishment no other U.S. president can make.

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