By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Retiring GOP Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina didn’t sugarcoat a warning to so-called Republican “moderates” in the Senate: If they vote to support Democrats’ demands for witnesses, they will pay a political price the next election.

“I mean listen, I don’t want to speak for my Senate colleagues. But there are always political repercussions for every vote you take,” he told CBS News.

“There is no vote that is higher profile than this,” he added.

The Blaze noted further:

Republican centrists are under pressure to split with the caucus in the Republican-controlled Senate in order to allow Democrats to call witnesses who have not yet testified.

One such witness who could have a deleterious effect on the president’s defense is John Bolton, who served as the president’s national security adviser. He has reportedly made comments criticizing Rudy Giuliani’s quest to investigate Joe Biden’s dealings in Ukraine.

Bolton also gave Democrats hope when a report claimed that his forthcoming book will bolster accusations against the president of a “quid pro quo” with the Ukrainian president.

Republicans have also warned Democrats that if they try to call new witnesses for the prosecution, this will open up opportunities for new witnesses for the defense, including Hunter Biden.

The ‘moderates’ in question include some familiar names: Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah; Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; Susan Collins of Maine; and Cory Gardner of Colorado.

Some of them are in competitive reelection races, but there is nothing more animating, politically, than an opposition party attempting to overturn the will of the people by impeaching, and removing from office, a president.

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And other indications are that impeachment isn’t moving the needle, politically speaking, meaning that Trump’s supporters are as dug in as they always were.

Plus, he enjoys high 80s-low 90s approval among Republicans — which goes to the heart of Meadows’ warning.

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