DNC making its move to burn Bernie again like the party did in 2016 and his campaign is outraged

Bernie's never been a Democrat so what makes him think the party will just let him take over?

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) During the 2016 election cycle, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the longtime commie Independent from Vermont, was rising fast in his bid to secure the Democratic presidential nomination instead of the bland pantsuit and perpetually investigated Hillary Clinton.

Bernie became aware of it, of course, but couldn’t do much about it. The die was cast and he wasn’t going to be the nominee, so he dutifully stepped aside, endorsed Clinton, and went back to stew in the Senate.

He’s making a comeback this election cycle and, like last time, is rising in the polls. He’s neck-and-neck with the party frontrunner former VP Joe Biden who is most definitely the ‘preferred’ candidate. In fact, some surveys have Bernie ahead of Quid Pro Joe.

That has the Garbage Party extremely nervous.

In recent days, an interview featuring Clinton trashing Sanders, claiming that “no one likes him” and “no one wants to work with him” just happened to surface.

A second report claimed that former President Obama was ready to “intervene” to stop Sanders from getting his party’s nomination.

“Former President Barack Obama has remained mostly silent through the early stages of the Democratic race to unseat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election but that may soon change, friends and associates tell FOX Business, as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gains in national polls and seems poised to obtain front-runner status,” Fox Business reported on Friday.

“Obama has told people in private that Sanders is both temperamentally and politically unfit to beat Trump in the 2020 general election, these people say,” Fox Business noted further.

“Among his concerns are Sanders’ strident form of politics and confrontational manners where he was known not to seek compromise during his long years in the US senate,” the report stated.

“Meanwhile, Obama is said to worry that Sanders’ far-left policies, which include massive tax increases, free college tuition and massive student debt forgiveness, would alienate even traditional Democratic voters,” it added.

As if bringing in Clinton and Obama to trash Bernie wasn’t enough, the Democratic National Committee is working the back end to shut Sanders out as well, as his campaign is livid.

The Hill reports:

Some Democratic National Committee (DNC) members and supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are venting frustration at DNC chairman Tom Perez over his initial appointments to the committees that will oversee the rules and party platform at the nominating convention in Milwaukee later this year.

Sanders’s allies are incensed by two names in particular - former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who will co-chair the rules committee, and Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta, who will have a seat on that committee.

The Sanders campaign unsuccessfully sought to have Frank removed from the rules committee in 2016, describing him as an “aggressive attack surrogate for the Clinton campaign.”

And Podesta, a longtime Washington political consultant and Clinton confidante, is viewed with contempt by some on the left. One of Podesta’s hacked emails from 2016 showed him asking a Democratic strategist where to “stick the knife in” Sanders, who lost the nomination to Clinton after a divisive primary contest. 

“There’s a very small number of appointments of allies to Sen. Sanders,” said Yasmine Taeb, a DNC member from Virginia who has not endorsed a candidate in 2020 but attended the 2016 convention as a delegate for Sanders.

“The appointments also include individuals that are outright hostile to Bernie Sanders and his supporters,” she added.

So, how’s this playing with the Sanders campaign? National co-chair Nina Turner blasted the appointments in an interview with progressive podcast Status Coup, calling it “an embarrassment” and a “slap in the face.”

“If the DNC believes it’s going to get away in 2020 with what it did in 2016, it has another thing coming,” Turner said.

More DNC chicanery, per The Hill:

Still, there is frustration among some DNC members that the committee chairs and initial nominations rely too heavily on a pool of “at-large” delegates, rather than state-elected members who represent the party’s activist base. 

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“The DNC is supposed to provide resources and a platform for state parties,” said Michael Kapp, a DNC member from California who has not endorsed in the primary. “But if we are consistently being excluded from the table, how are state parties supposed to feel?”

Bernie isn’t a Democrat and never has been. That he feels politically comfortable enough to run for that party’s presidential nomination says a lot about where the party is today, but he’s fooling himself — again — if he believes the DNC is going to let a non-Democrat walk away with the party’s nomination.

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Article says ” Avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gaining in national polls.”
What the hell ? What country are we living in ? It is way past time to crush these marxists and their idiot supporters and MAGA.


Bernie has a violent following … Expect some fireworks when they realized their dream has become a nightmare because of the Democrats who don’t want Bernie.

I can understand why that is … but his followers are mindless commie brutes and they don’t understand anything other than their free stuff ain’t gonna happen.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains

I’m not too sure IF “BURNING” is exactly what should be stated in reference to BERNIE’S staff’s convictions…You MIGHT want to review the “VERITAS” interview & Kyle’s declaration as to WHAT will happen IF Bernie’s NOT chosen! Ya KNOW, SOCIALIST / COMMUNISTS don’t take kindly to being rejected!



The Project Veritas videos show the true marxist-satanist aspects of these anarchofaggots. These are the doperfaggot punk rockers, perverts, and losers —the dregs of society.

That’s what marxist-satanist are all about. They also are doing satanic rituals on the streets in broad daylight!

NAMBLA and Soros back trantifa. Two of the most vile and evil demonic forces in America.

Wake the fuck up!

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