By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) If you think that today’s “bombshell” story claiming that President Trump told former National Security Adviser John Bolton he purposely withheld military aid to Ukraine in order to force Kiev to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden was timed pretty well, you’d be right.

The story sure seemed to coincide with the fact that Democrat House managers’ impeachment case against the president petered out last week and was summarily destroyed in a couple of hours by the president’s defense team, didn’t it?

Well, of course it did, and of course that was precisely the point the ‘bombshell’ was dropped early Monday after a weekend of fretting by the Left-wing pundit class over the weekend that the House managers couldn’t move the impeachment needle.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway has seen this dog-and-pony act many times before, as we have as well.

And in an August interview with the Chicago Tribune to promote her book, co-written with Carrie Severino, former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and policy director for the conservative Judicial Crisis Network, about the clown show Democrats staged in opposition to Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, she essentially laid bare the Garbage Party’s playbook regarding selectively timed “leaks” and ‘bombshell’ reports.

“Carrie and I wanted to write this book because we knew that what happened last year was extremely important, the Kavanaugh confirmation and what happened to him but also what was happening to the very notion of justice itself,” Hemingway said “And so, we tied it to what has been going on with the Supreme Court in recent decades.”

The Tribune noted further:

“Justice on Trial” takes us back to where much of it started for real, to the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Robert Bork, and the later nomination of Justice Thomas, and how they were shamed, mercilessly, by Democrats and media allies who viewed conservatives on the Supreme Court as threats to their power and influence.

The late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and his infamous, incendiary speech was one thing. They also lined up actor Gregory Peck, as if he were the real Atticus Finch, to trash Bork. Actor Clint Eastwood volunteered to cut a pro-Bork commercial in response, but the Reagan White House thought this would be unseemly.

“Robert Bork’s own son tried to go on air to defend his father and was told no, that this would be out of the question,” Hemingway said. “But after Bork’s nomination is defeated there is a huge change in the conservative political movement, because they realized that if they don’t fight, they’re going to lose.”

Kavanaugh decided to fight the left and its media handmaidens. Have you forgotten?

There were allegations that he sexually assaulted a girl in high school, that he was a notorious drunk, a leader of gang rapes, some allegations courtesy of now notorious lawyer Michael Avenatti, who was then treated as a font of wisdom. Avenatti was everywhere on TV, spitting on Kavanaugh nightly, and the media loved him for it.

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And these ‘bombshells’ just happened to come at points in Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing when it looked like he was about to be approved.

The Tribune:

Ultimately, the stories fell apart. At the time, though, you could say anything about Kavanaugh and have it reported as fact, or at least as “plausible” by journalists of the Washington media establishment.

Kavanaugh’s nomination was finally approved, though his reputation was in ruins. He and his wife and daughters will never forget what happened. It was positively shameful.

“What I think is most telling is that the moment that he was confirmed all these stories just kind of evaporated,” Hemingway said. “And if you were a real journalist who really believed that these were credible allegations against a man who might become a Supreme Court Justice, it would be even more newsworthy to pursue these allegations if the man was a Supreme Court justice.

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“But the stories all kind of disappeared,” Hemingway noted further. “Yes, you have some of the reporters who were involved in the anti-Kavanaugh battle putting out books. And maybe they’ll put some new stuff in there. But that frenzy that you saw last fall? If it were genuine there would have been no reason for it to abate even slightly.”

Time and again, we see this playbook. We’re seeing it again, this week, as Democrats out of power in the Senate use their deep state contacts and their establishment media to create a new narrative based on absolutely nothing.

Because here’s the thing: Even if, by some miracle, what Bolton said is true, that Trump said he wanted to withhold aid permanently from Ukraine until he got his quid pro quo investigation, the aid went through and he didn’t get his probe.

Thought crimes are not real crimes unless you’re a Democrat posing as a journalist.

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