By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) The U.S. Constitution literally guarantees equality for every U.S. citizen, and if that isn’t enough, then the constitutional guarantee is also codified in federal and state laws.

But for purely political reasons, the Garbage Party likes to pretend these guarantees of equality don’t really exist. As such, ‘identity politics’ was born.

For decades, Democrats fought for additional rights for women because, again, they sold us on the notion that the Constitution and federal laws didn’t already guarantee basic rights of equality for them.

What the issue was really about, however, was securing extra rights for women — rights that men did not enjoy, simply because they aren’t women.

Now, Democrats have opened a new front in the gender war — transgenderism — and they are using the same old song and dance to sell it to the American people: Transgenders are ‘discriminated against’ because, you know, it’s horrible that anyone would want to keep boys out of girls’ locker rooms in school.

They seek extra-constitutional rights an protections for transgenders.

Joe Biden of Ukraine even claimed on Saturday that it’s the “civil rights issue” of the era.

Meanwhile, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were on the opposite side of the national trend against abortion in tweeting this weekend that the procedure is “health care” and, you know, an issue of “human rights” and stuff — as Donald Trump became the first president to attend the March for Life event in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

Both Bernie and Liz also support “transgender rights” like Biden does. Both probably also think it’s the “civil rights issue of our era.”

So, what does this do for “women’s rights” that were hard-fought and hard-won over the past 40 years? How is it supportive of women to allow ‘transgendered men’ into their bathrooms, onto the sports teams, and into corporate and government positions that were supposed to be reserved for them?

Warren in particular has pledged that as president, a minimum of half her cabinet will consist of women and non-binary people.

She has promised to “Build a Cabinet and senior leadership team that reflects the full diversity of America, including having at least 50% of Cabinet positions filled by women and non binary people.” She has committed to “Ensure representation of LGBTQ+ people across all levels of government, including in leadership roles.”

Sen. Warren includes female gender pronouns on the Twitter bios for her accounts, as noted here and here.

The problem when constantly pitting gender against gender, sex against sex, biological against biological is that, eventually, you run out of identities to exploit. And in the meantime, you have pitted everyone against everyone else.

It seems rather hypocritical for 2020 Democrats to claim they are more “appealing to women” when they are simultaneously working to destroy all of the progress the party has made on behalf of women.

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