We agree with Mike Bloomberg, who said he ‘didn’t learn anything’ from the latest Dem debate: Here’s why

It's because the Democrats got nothing

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Seldom is the occasion we agree with 2020 also-ran Democratic presidential contender Mike Bloomberg, but he made some observations about his party’s latest debate on Tuesday that are accurate, telling, and indicative of a party bereft of ideas.

Asked during a Wednesday morning appearance on ABC’s “The View” if he watched the debate, Bloomberg said “I did.” Asked for his thoughts, he quipped: “Best debate in 2020.”

Of course, because it’s been the only debate this year thus far.

“I didn’t learn anything, ‘he said she said.’ I suppose it’s good theater, but it didn’t address the issues of the country and what they would do,” he said.

“They’re not really debates, it’s precanned soundbites: everybody wants to say something that doesn’t get them in trouble, or does start a controversy that’s been pre-scripted and they think is good,” Bloomberg added.

“We should think about another format where they really, somebody picks a subject and you have to talk about that subject,” the billionaire media mogul and former NYC mayor continued.

“That to me would make more sense than just free-wheeling, because you go from subject to subject to subject and never get two sides.”

Well, Mike, to be fair and honest, we’d have to say your observations are spot-on. These Dem debates have been vacuous, devoid of any intellectual and political stimulus.

They have been, however, popularity contests and opportunities for candidates to ‘one-up’ each other when it comes to who hates Donald Trump the most.

There has been some policy debate, of course, but nothing of substance and certainly nothing that these candidates haven’t already said.

But then again, despite Bloomberg’s accurate characterization of last night’s debate, we have to ask: How are any of these candidates going to trump President Trump?

How much better can any of the Democrats running for president do for our economy than Trump has done? Unemployment is down to 3.5 percent, wage growth for all earning levels is up, the average American’s 401(k) is growing thanks to historic levels of growth in the stock markets, and there are more jobs than workers to fill them.

On the wars we are fighting, how are Democrats going to get away with pulling our troops out of places when even Trump can’t get it done (yet) — and he’s been trying? Not that the president’s going to give up, but come on; the Deep State’s military-industrial complex is just about the only bipartisan institution in D.C.

Domestic issues…like, say, illegal immigration? Trump’s done more stop it and shore up border security than anyone, and if Dems campaign on open borders and more benefits for illegal aliens, they’re going to lose that issue everywhere except LA, NYC, Seattle, and Chicago. You don’t get much tougher on border security than building a wall.

Health care? The Trump administration has lowered prescription drug costs, has gotten rid of Obamacare’s individual mandate with the 2017 tax reform law, and is close to getting the entire law tossed out.

Pocketbook issues? Inflation is moderate to flat, most Americans are bringing home more money thanks to the tax reform law (and low inflation), gas is cheaper thanks to achieving energy independence under this administration, food prices are stable and not rising like they have in the past, businesses are expanding, factories are hiring, and states are getting infrastructure built.

So yeah, watching these Democrat debates has been a downer in terms of learning anything new. Because there is no way any of them can compete with what Trump’s done thus far.

Not even Mike Bloomberg.

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My canadian step monster said she would vote for bloomturd. Last time it was Hitlery.

Lol, I laughed at her, and said put my pop on. Idiots.

We agree with Mike Bloomberg, who said he ‘didn’t learn anything’ from the latest Dem debate: Here’s why - Jon Dougherty - BREAKING ALL THE RULES

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