NYC Jewish community arming itself, but they ALSO need to stop voting for anti-Semitic Democrats

Self-defense can be physical but it also needs to be political

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Thanks to a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic attacks, New York Jews are increasing arming up in order to protect themselves.

But they need to go a step further: They have to stop supporting the party that enables and empowers anti-Semites, The Democrat Party.

According to the New York Post, the Rockland County clerk’s office saw a drastic increase in pistol license applications following last month’s stabbing during a Hanukkah celebration at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York.

In the eight weeks ahead of the attack, the clerk’s office only processed an average of six applications per week across the county. Just two applications were from Monsey.

However, after the attack, 65 applications across the country have come in. And of those, 23 are from Monsey.

In fact, 60 of the applications come from the town of Rampao which encompasses Monsey and other heavily Jewish areas, the Post reported.

“A lot of people are worried, especially the large Hasidic and Jewish community in Rockland County,” Melanson explained. “I have had rabbis come in. Some of the rabbis already have concealed carry” permits.

Shlomo Reichberg, a Monsey resident who is a current firearms instructor and former Israeli soldier, said he gets why people feel the need to carry a gun.

“I spoke to some people. They just want to have a firearm to protect themselves. They feel like that’s the only way,” Reichberg said. “If we need to go there, we’re ready.”

Fair enough. That’s what’s wonderful about America: Our founders bequeathed to us the Second Amendment, in part so we could use a firearm for self-defense.

But New York Jews, as well as Jews in other urban centers, historically support Democrats, and the Democrat Party — not Donald Trump and his party — are responsible for the massive rise in anti-Semitism in America, as we have noted:

After Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich nearly exterminated the earth’s Jewish population during World War II, the West vowed “never again” to allow such a horror.

But in 2019, anti-Semitism is on the rise again, including more than just verbal abuse of Jews; violence against them is also on the rise, and it just so happens that it is rising in Left-wing enclaves dominated and governed by Democrats and Leftists.

And gosh, it’s coming largely from its Muslim members, as we reported in February:

A report on Monday noted that freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) once penned a column for a magazine founded by anti-Semite Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is attempting to manage the fallout from another gaffe from a freshman Democratic lawmaker. …

Tlaib’s column comes to light as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) attempts to mitigate criticism and fallout over a tweet sent by another freshman Muslim congresswoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who accused a prominent pro-Israel lobbying group of paying lawmakers to support the Jewish state. …

But the anti-Semitism of Tlaib and Omar is part of a larger trend within the Democrat Party. …

As documented by PJ Media in 2015, Muslim groups in the U.S. overwhelmingly donate and support Democratic candidates for federal office.

“An analysis of federal campaign contributions finds that key figures at six of America’s most prominent Islamist organizations have favored Democrats over Republicans by a ratio of 12 to 1 since the 9/11 terrorist attacks,” wrote David J. Rusin.

The views expressed by Tlaib and Omar reflect an overall shift of Democrats away from Israel, especially over the past few years.

It’s sad that Jews feel increasingly under threat in a country where they should never have to endure religious-based assaults and attacks. But if they continue to support the party most responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism in America, then they have to do something besides arm up: They have to change their voting habits.

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Never quite understood why the Jewish community always votes for the people that want them dead or gone. Weird stuff. Must be a self-loathing complex or something. Regardless, glad to see they’re taking advantage of what’s left of our 2nd amendment and defending themselves.
Yo ! Jewish folks ! Stop voting for marxist anti-semites that want you dead. Come on over to the MAGA side. You’ll love it.


Christians are the most persecuted religious people in the world. That’s why we vote for President Trump, arm ourselves, and don’t suffer from oikophobia!


Jews run both parties. Stop the nonsense.

Christian Gains


AND! To clarify…I’m a Christian…and do not ALWAYS agree with the Jewish Community; BUT! AFTER ALL that’s assaulting & endangering them, I WHOLE HEARTEDLY SUPPORT them “CARRYING”!! AND! I ALSO agree for them Dumping the “DEMWITZ” who are GENUINELY a SERIOUS PROBLEM!!

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