By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Once again, a Republican is sacrificing his party’s high moral ground regarding illegal aliens at the altar of political expediency, but at least someone will be around to pick our food.

Idaho state Sen. Jim Guthrie is proposing legislation that would allow illegal aliens to “earn” driver’s licenses.

According to the Idaho State Journal, there are, at least, some strict requirements. The illegal immigrant must undergo the same driving requirements as citizens, but would instead be required to renew their licenses every year.

Also, the licenses could not be used for voting ID purposes or buying liquor.

So what’s the catch? Guthrie says the legislation would allow Idaho to attract more agricultural workers.

“We have undocumented aliens in the country, and that’s a given,” Guthrie told the State Journal. “Until the federal government decides to address the illegal alien situation, (the proposed legislation) gives us the opportunity to maximize that workforce while they’re here, because they’re here anyway and driving anyway.”

Guthrie says he has heard from constituents, many of whom are farmers. They say they haven’t been able to attract enough drivers to move their produce to market, let alone find enough people to pick it. Also, he says constituents are concerned that illegals are driving to and from their farms without licenses.

“One of the responsibilities of the Legislature is to be responsive to the needs of constituents, and I’m hearing a very considerable need for this from my constituents,” Guthrie said. “I genuinely think it will help agriculture, and I’m getting a receptive ear on the issue.”

The Idaho Dairymen’s Association is all-in as well, helping the senator craft the legislation, even.

“I think it’s way beyond dairy and way beyond agriculture. I think it has impacts on all of society collectively,” Idaho Dairymen’s Association Bob Naerebout said.

“Quite frankly, if you take the time to look at (the issue) you should be supportive. You should be supportive of the fact that if we have people driving on the roads, they should be properly educated and trained to drive. We want people on the roads who have insurance,” he added.


So, what else can Republicans do along with Democrats to accommodate people who have broken our laws to get into our country in the first place? And what makes these people believe that legitimizing the transportation mode of an illegal alien isn’t going to come with negative connotations to Idaho and other states?

What else can we do to encourage more people to break into our country, other than make the effort bipartisan? How else can we keep wages artificially lower and take job opportunities away from more Americans?

If Guthrie’s legislation passes, it will serve as a model (and excuse) for other Republicans (and Democrats) in other ‘farm’ states to do the same thing. So while these idiots complain that the Trump administration isn’t ‘doing enough’ to secure the border, they will be working against his efforts by passing legislation that will attract more illegal aliens.

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