By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) By now, most Americans know that when President Donald Trump comes to town, there’s going to be a huge crowd waiting to see him.

Americans line up by the tens of thousands days in advance, hoping they are lucky enough to get inside, let alone near the stage where the president speaks.

It’s a phenomenon no Democrat has been able to match — last campaign cycle or this one.

Hillary Clinton’s crowds were big but they were nothing like those for Donald Trump.

And with President Trump, Americans brave snowstorms, rain, hot and cold temperatures. That’s that kind of passion this man incites in our country.

But the guy who’s ahead in the polls for the 2020 Democratic nomination — former Vice President Joe Biden — not so much.

Biden’s crowds have been pedestrian since Mr. Gaffetastic hit the campaign trail last fall. And they’re actually getting worse.

In fact, Biden had trouble filling a room in a house in Clinton, Iowa, Saturday night.

Oh, someone can blame the weather — and someone has — but the fact is, such unpleasantries like snow and cold do not deter Trump’s supporters.

Oh, and Biden was even appearing with former Obama Secretary of State John “Iran” Kerry.

Some tag team. Between the two of them they drew something like a dozen people.

Now look, the Democrats haven’t actually nominated a candidate yet, and there are a lot of them running.

But none of them draw crowds like President Trump does — not even Bernie the Socialist, though he’d be the closest one.

That may change when the nomination process is completed and the lunatics — er, Democrats — have actually chosen a candidate.

But for the president, the fact that his crowds have remained gargantuan throughout his presidency and seem to be growing headed into 2020, that’s significant.

Because it means his popularity isn’t waning, it’s growing.

Meanwhile, maybe Biden ought to do himself a favor — and John Kerry — and just go home.

He doesn’t seem capable of generating any enthusiasm whatsoever, as none of his rallies and venues have been very well-attended.

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