Trump-deranged CNN host Burnett calls Iranian chants of ‘Death to America’ just ‘a thing…a trope’ (Video)

Providing excuses and cover for an enemy isn't 'journalism'

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) If CNN’s correspondents, editors and hosts put half as much effort into getting stories right and at least trying to be objective, the network might actually experience a viewership renaissance. But alas, that effort doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

Thursday evening during an interview segment featuring Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio), host Erin Burnett asserted that Iranians taking to the streets and chanting “Death to America!” was all just a put-on of some sort, just a show for the TV cameras. Or something.

Calling such chants “a thing, a trope,” during an interview about President Donald Trump’s decision to take out al Quds Force butcher Qassem Soleimani (why are the networks still talking about this? Obama did this literally thousands of times), Burnett also posited aloud that he may have divulged classified information in explaining that the Iranian general was plotting a major attack against the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

What a joke. The network freely and anxiously published and broadcasts classified information that is leaked to it on a routine basis. But…we digress.

Turner responded by pointing out that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Iran “has been coordinating and targeting interests throughout the Middle East.” He further noted that Iran’s entire parliament continues to chant “Death to America.”

“I will say I was in Tehran when they were chanting ‘Death to America’ once,” Burnett interrupted.

“I was at a rally. The people couldn’t have been more friendly to me personally as an American,” she continued.

“It sort of felt like a — it felt like a thing and a trope as opposed to anything that was actually seriously meant and considered. I understand your point but having been there my experience was quite different.”

Oh, well, then, that settles it. Some Iranians on the street were ‘nice’ to Burnett once so Americans should just excuse the thousands of servicemen and women Soleimani and his Iranian proxies have plotted against, targeted, maimed, and killed over the decades.

And it couldn’t be that Iranians were instructed by the regime not to murder an American journalist on live TV. Got it.

Turner seemed incredulous.

“Erin,” he began, “your entire life, Iran … has chanted ‘Death to America,’ and they have taken actions against Americans, American interests, in ways that are lethal, killing Americans, giving weaponry to people who have intentions and who do kill Americans, so it’s not just a slogan.

“This obviously is something that Iran has systematically continued to do. It’s part of their seeking weapons of mass destruction and their claim to want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth,” Turner noted further.

“These are real threats from the leadership of Iran even though I’m glad you had a safe and a warm response, the people on the street may be different than those who are controlling their military.”

She did finally admit, “And that is true.”

So what’s the problem? Why do these clowns in the lame stream media continue to shill for and provide aid and comfort to an enemy, under the guise of doing ‘journalism’?


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Death to CNN — Just a trope.


but she will cry on LIVE TV if she receives death threats…..

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