By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) It’s not often that President Trump gets praise for the incredible things he does on behalf of improving our country for all Americans, including those who are so deranged by his occupation of the White House they can no longer think and reason clearly.

But that doesn’t mean he never gets the credit he deserves.

Clearly, the president has what we’d characterize as ‘good weeks’ and ‘bad weeks.’ All presidents do, but of course, a lot of what goes into determining ‘good’ and ‘bad’ weeks is subjective.

When your mind is clouded by #TrumpHate, nothing the man does is valid, effective, or ‘good.’ But when you’re objective and can see actions and results instead of politics and the man himself, you are able to make much more reasoned analysis.

National security expert Jed Babbin gave Trump a grade of “A” for the week, and it wasn’t simply adulation: It was an assessment based on actions and results:

President Trump had another terrific week with wins on Iran, building his long-promised border wall and the start of a regulatory war to limit the impact of environmental laws on economic growth.

After last week’s drone strike that killed Iran’s chief terrorist, the ayatollahs were making nearly hysterical threats of revenge. In what was little more than a face-saving move, after warning us of an impending attack on bases in Iraq, the Iranians launched about 15 short-range ballistic missiles that, as the Iranians said, were aimed carefully to not kill any U.S. or Iraqi troops. Trump, sticking with his “red line” that no Americans can be killed without a U.S. military response, wisely didn’t order a response to that attack.

The Iranians are still very dangerous and will soon resume their attacks. But for now, they stood down.

The Democrats are still dizzy, trying to figure out how to oppose Trump on Iran without sounding sympathetic to terrorists. They’d apparently be happy if World War III erupted if it were enough to remove Trump. Some, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wanted to brand Trump’s action in killing Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani a war crime, which it obviously wasn’t. In a meek harrumph, Pelosi obtained passage of a congressional resolution purporting to limit any other military action on Iran. It will be ignored by the Senate.

Amid calls in Iraq to withdraw troops, Trump said the United States will not leave until the Iraqis pay for the cost of building the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and U.S. military bases. They don’t have enough money to do that. Trump should just pull out the troops and send them a bill.

In a huge win for Trump, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals freed $3.6 billion in military money for the border wall. There probably will be other attempts at legal obstruction, but it looks like wall construction will go forward quickly.

In another great move, the president announced reforms to environmental regulations to make the dreaded environmental impact statements easier and quicker to obtain. The process has taken years in many cases, and the president wants to limit both the time it takes and the volume of paperwork. There will be lawsuits to tie up the regulatory effort, but the president’s move is a good start.

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