By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Remember when former Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused to appoint a special counsel to look into all the evidence pointing to abuse of power, criminal intent to conceal evidence, and serial violations of the Espionage Act by Hillary Clinton?

We do. But it wasn’t as if Sessions didn’t act. He did; he just didn’t act competently.

Instead of a special counsel, Sessions appointed a U.S. attorney from Utah, John Huber. We reported at the time that Sessions said Huber was essentially ‘a special counsel in every way but name,’ in that he had all the same authorities that a special counsel would have.

Fair enough, we thought at the time.

But then we never heard much about Huber’s investigation since, though in May we got a good idea of where his probe of Clinton was going: Nowhere.

We noted:

During an exclusive interview with CBS News broadcast on Friday that the rest of the ‘mainstream media’ is doing its best to ignore, current Attorney General William Barr said that Huber’s probe never got off the ground and as such it was reassigned to Connecticut-based U.S. Attorney (and corruption specialist) John Durham.

Reporter Jan Crawford asked Barr: “What’s the status of Huber’s investigation in Utah? I think the former Attorney General Sessions had asked him to look at this.”

“Right, so Huber had originally been asked to take a look at the FISA applications and the electronic surveillance but then he stood back and put that on hold while the Office of Inspector General was conducting its review, which would’ve been normal for the department,” Barr said.

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“And he was essentially on standby in case [DoJ Inspector General Michael] Horowitz referred a matter to him to be handled criminally. So he has not been active on this front in recent months and so Durham is taking over that role (emphasis added). The other issues he’s been working on relate to Hillary Clinton. Those are winding down and hopefully we’ll be in a position to bring those to fruition.”

Crawford responded, “So he (Huber) won’t be involved in this really at all then?” 

“No,” Barr stated. “This is his role, it’s done?” Crawford pressed. “Right,” said Barr.

Make it official.

On Thursday the Washington Post noted that “current and former officials said that Huber has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing — though the assignment has not formally ended and no official notice has been sent to the Justice Department or to lawmakers.”

That led Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who had testified in a December 2018 hearing on the case, to respond by tweet. “DOJ non investigation results in non prosecutions? No surprise. DOJ has NEVER stopped defending Hillary Clinton’s email misconduct. @JudicialWatch faced six DOJ and State Dept attorneys in fed court last month who were trying to shut down our Clinton email case.”

So we’re left, again, with no justice for obvious criminal behavior by a woman who has such little disregard for the law that she operates in the U.S. like Qassem Soleimani operated in the Middle East (before Donald Trump): With impunity and not a concern in the world that she’s ever going to be held accountable.

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We’ve said it before: If these people are allowed to skate, there is no reason why ordinary Americans should ever concern themselves with following the law. We cannot have two systems of justice and survive as a viable nation. It’s just that simple.

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