By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) When the United States is perhaps on the brink of war, Americans might expect the third-in-line to the presidency to be max attentive of the situation.

Instead, however, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was more concerned about partying.

As Iran launched a salvo of missiles at U.S.-occupied bases in Iraq, putting the lives of American troops at risk, Pelosi couldn’t be bothered to take a call from Vice President Mike Pence informing her of the attack.

“Tell him I’ll call him back,” she told an aide.

Eventually, the Speaker got around to returning Pence’s call.

Later still, Pelosi claimed in a tweet of her own that she was “closely monitoring the situation” in the Middle East.

But was she? The optics aren’t good.

In fact, for all the world it appeared as though Pelosi was too busy to talk to Pence initially because she had a party to get to.

Now, mind you, this is the same Nancy Pelosi who, like other Democrats, demanded – demanded — the administration keep them informed of any military action related to Iran. And when the administration tries, sorry…too busy to take a rare call from the Vice President.

What a monumental hypocrite. But again, let this serve as yet another example of how little regard the Garbage Party really has for President Trump, his administration and, by association, the American people who voted for them.

Politics, you see, is far more important than the lives of American service personnel in imminent danger.

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