NYTimes writer literally makes up a quote Trump’s decision to target Soleimani; ‘literally fake news’

The 'mainstream media' now lies so often about President Trump you can't believe anything they publish

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) The Democrat Party’s propaganda media publishes so much fake news these days it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of it all.

That’s because it comes at us from so many different angles. If the paper itself isn’t publishing outright lies (like the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax), its various correspondents are making things up that the paper did not necessarily report.

Like this schmuck.

The NYTimes’ Kurt Andersen tweeted this Sunday, which, of course, was retweeted tens of thousands of times:

First of all, while it’s true that the Pentagon provides the president with many options when he is considering military action, they provide appropriate options as they pertain to the president’s policy objective. So if his objective is eliminating a threat, then the options would be appropriate for that objective.

But this “quote”…really isn’t. Andersen gets called out by truth detectors who note that he pulled together several passages of the article to make it seem as though it all came from one segment of the story.

It’s “literally fake news.”


And by the way, the only way “military officials” would have gotten “alarmed” or become “flabbergasted” would have been if Trump ordered a nuclear strike on Iran or something similarly outrageous. To suggest that a drone strike operation — which the Pentagon has done thousands of times — would somehow be ‘alarming’ to defense officials is just absurd.

We’re talking about Iran here, not China or Russia.

“Alarmed” about retaliation? Hardly. More like ‘concerned,’ which is appropriate.

The Pentagon was no doubt anticipating it and had already planned for it — which would have been in the briefing package given to Trump (if he didn’t ask about it outright — he has been president for three years already).

In any event:

We are to the point in this country where our ‘mainstream media’ institutions are literally shills and propagandists for one political party — just like media outlets are in China, Cuba, Iran, and every other authoritarian regime on the planet.

As a result, Americans can’t believe a thing they publish about this president. That’s dangerous.

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Previous Presidents have gone after the press. Wilson and FDR did, Kennedy and LBJ did, and Homobama.

President Trump has put them (pedomedia) all in the trick-bag. Hopefully, the length of time it has been taking Durham and Barr will be worth the wait. As more people awaken and support MAGA, then we will begin to see the thousands of indictments and arrests we have been promised.

Takes a long time to dot the “I’s” and cross the T’s. We don’t want some leftist-marxist judge to kiss off the indictments.

Evie Harris
Evie Harris

In my estimation all the Fake News people should be held accountable for spreading lies and misinformation. They should have to pay fines or go to jail OR both! How can these people live with themselves after hurting and confusing American citizens?


Feel free to Red-pill ” Mockingbird Media.”

The lies peddled to you for many decades come straight from the deep state. Start at the JFK assassination, and work your way forward.

Many tragic events, false flags, and terrorism starts with the deep state. That’s why they have to control 90% of the media. Repeat the lies until they become truth.

Look at the phrase ” conspiracy theory” and look at which agency coined that phrase. Notice how pedomedia uses that term to discredit truth-tellers.

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