Left-wing media jazzed about Bernie’s 4th-quarter fundraising but…Trump trumped him (by a lot)

Leftist voters supporting a Commie prez candidate using a capitalist system

(TNS) Is it just us, or does Commie Sen. Bernie Sanders always look like he’s constipated?

Anyway, his campaign raised decent money in the final quarter of 2019 and the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, the mainstream media, is all excited and jazzed about it because now, you know, it means President Trump’s for sure going down. Or something.

Yeah, “massive.”

And a “major haul,” too.

And The New York Times gushed about “the single-largest haul” in a quarter by any Democrat thus far.

Well, it’s over then, huh? President Trump may as well just start the transition now to the Sanders administration, right?

Uh, nope.

Sanders was trumped by Trump, as his reelection campaign announced Wednesday.

And the president has a lot of reelection money on hand, more than $100 million.

Some might call the president’s reelection an “unstoppable juggernaut.”

Oh, wait…someone did.

But wait, as they say, there’s more. The Republican National Committee is doing gangbusters for the president’s reelection too, as well as building a war chest to defend GOP congressional seats and win new ones.

How are the Democrats doing, generally? According to Open Secrets, not so good, as of October:

As 2020 nears, the Democratic Party continues to lag behind its Republican counterpart in fundraising efforts.

The Democratic National Committee raised $9 million in October but burned almost as much cash to get there. The committee entered October with $8.6 million in the bank and exited the month with just $8.7 million on hand and $7 million in debt. 

In comparison, the Republican National Committee demonstrated unmatched fundraising power. It netted $25.3 million in October and spent $23 million, leaving $61.4 million in bank by the end of the month. 

This wasn’t the worst month for the DNC, as it reported losses in previous months. However, the committee is falling further behind its Republican counterpart with every passing month.

But hey, House Democrats have a mandate to impeach President Trump, right?

One final thought: It doesn’t dawn on many Lefties supporting a communist presidential candidate that he’s racking in a lot of money in a capitalist system to get elected.

Were Bernie to win and Democrats to take Congress, there won’t be so much campaign cash the next time around because everyone will be broke funding all the free stuff for illegal aliens.

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He was born with RED underpants. Look at the retardos praising the commie fucktard. Then look at pictures of those singing praise for President Trump.

Same thing goes for a comparison of President Trump and his family versus the spawn of Biden, Piglosi, and Lurch-Kerry. Their kids are complete fucktards.

We don’t need lefties, prog-nazis, or red underpants dirtfaggots!


The Free Stuff Army is working and too busy to vote Democrat.


Bolshevic-Bernie received the majority of his donations from teachers, red for ed faggots/dykes/pedos. Average donation $18 (approx).

So, the teachers have pedo stories weekly @ breitfarts. The teachers want to elect a communist dirtbag to be a President.
They want to teach your kids about buttsex, perversions, and beastiality. RBG is 100% on board with the satanic pedo agenda.

Wake up America. The people you trust are marxist satanic pedos, and they want to rape your kids, and drink their blood.

Cognitive Dissonance is the only thing I can see stopping the Mass Awakening.

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