By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) If ever if felt like there was a showdown coming over a civil and constitutional right, it feels that way today…in Virginia.

Incoming majority Democrats have been floating one new gun control bill after another — a “red flag” law that destroys the Fifth Amendment’s “due process” clause; bans on entire classes of semi-automatic rifles; magazine bans; even a gun confiscation measure.

Democrats have claimed that they have been given a “mandate” from voters in the state because they happened to have captured a majority of seats in the Assembly and Senate, as well as owning the governor’s mansion.

But if that were true, then how come more than 110 cities and (a majority of) counties around the state have declared themselves to be “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” pledging not to help state authorities enforce any new gun control laws like “sanctuary cities” in the state refuse to help federal officials enforce immigration laws?

The state attorney general, Mark Herring, also a Democrat, has declared the gun sanctuaries to be illegal and unenforceable (he has made no such similar declaration regarding sanctuaries shielding illegal aliens from deportation).

Gun rights groups and citizen militias have dug in their heels, claiming such nonsense hypocritical and beyond Herring’s authority.

It just feels like this issue is going to come down to who blinks first or, if no one does, someone will miscalculate. And our money is on state Democrats who are arrogantly dismissing two-thirds of their state with new gun law proposals.

The NRA agrees. In a post to the NRA-ILA website, the group said the first few weeks of January are going to be “critical” for gun rights:

Law-abiding gun owners throughout the Commonwealth must continue to join together to fight against gun bans, gun rationing, and confiscation this January in Richmond. Your NRA has events planned for the early, critical days of the 2020 legislative session.

The first hearing of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee is January 13th, where lawmakers could hear the first slate of bills to restrict our freedom into oblivion. It’s critical that law-abiding gun owners are heard on this day, because waiting even one week to make our voices heard, whether individually or at an organized event, will simply be too late. 

Anti-gun zealot Gov. Northam wants the entire package of gun control bills fast-tracked for passage in the first week of the short session.  We must defend freedom at the very first hearing on the 13th and show the new bought and paid for anti-gun majority that our rights are not for sale – to Bloomberg or anyone else. 

It should be noted that throughout the modern history of nation-states, kinetic conflict — warfare — only breaks out after all political processes to resolve issues and disagreements have been exhausted.

The side the feels aggrieved will eventually resort to force to protect its rights when they feel there is no remaining option.

Are we reaching that point in Virginia over the Second Amendment? That will largely depend on Democrats.

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