(TNS) The Garbage Party’s propaganda media isn’t even trying to get facts straight anymore when it comes to reporting on President Donald Trump and his administration.

Not only is it shameful and intentionally divisive, but this isn’t the “free press” our founders envisioned. Theirs was a vision of a free and unregulated media that not only properly informed the citizenry, but legitimately challenged those in power when necessary.

The establishment press doesn’t challenge President Trump “when necessary” and they sure don’t properly inform the American people anymore.

Case in point: Because the president headed down to his Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida for New Year’s Day, the garbage media just assumed that he was going down to play golf as the situation at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, worsened throughout Monday and Tuesday.

Cue the media-manufactured phony narrative:

Because just having a golf course at your official residence means you’re going to go out and play golf…right?

Yada, yada, yada.

Except…the golf game never happened.

But…but…but…Trump lies!

Except…he didn’t.

We’re not sure what is worse, the fact that these same Left-wing media degenerates got this so spectacularly wrong again or that they didn’t criticize the god king Obama nearly enough for actually fiddling while Rome was burning.

Either way, the ‘mainstream media’ continues to misinform the American people they are supposed to be keeping informed, which is not only divisive to the country but so not what our founders had in mind when they crafted the First Amendment.

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