(TNS) On Tuesday, in response to U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria targeting Iran-backed militants responsible for killing a U.S. military contractor last week during a rocket attack, scores more Iran-backed militants stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad, threatening to kill everyone inside.

Seems pretty clear these folks are militants, not, say, ordinary folk beside themselves with grief.

But that’s how the garbage New York Times described them. Not “militants,” “mourners.”

The Times knows better than this, of course, but … Trump hate. Oh, and America hate.

Experts who track events in the Middle East have documented a pattern of escalating tension and violence in the region.

Iran has been steadily influencing Iraqi politics for years now. In diplomatic and foreign policy circles, it’s common knowledge.

The Times has a global audience and global correspondents; they know this too.

But because their hatred for our president is so profound, they routinely sacrifice journalistic integrity just to pummel him.

The problem is, when they pummel him, they pummel all Americans.

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