Democrats are ‘shadow’ Nazis, ushering in new era of anti-Semitic violence in deep-blue cities, states

The rise in anti-Semitism isn't 'white supremacy' and it isn't happening in red states

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Once upon a time no one would have thought this or believed it, but it’s become a reality today nonetheless: We have a new ‘shadow’ Nazism building in America, and its home is the Democrat Party.

Oh, they don’t call themselves “Nazis,” of course, but when Dems walk, talk, and act like Nazis, we have to call them that.

The most visible sign of the new American shadow Nazism is the rising tide of anti-Semitism within the Garbage Party. It’s present, it’s obvious, and we can no longer allow them to deny it.

There has been such an increase in attacks against Jews where most make their homes: In ‘liberal’ Left-wing enclaves like New York City.

The latest involved a black man who entered the home of a rabbi in NYC on the seventh day of Hannukah during a party and stabbed five people. The Democrat Party’s propaganda media was quick to opine that the suspect, Grafton Thomas, 37, has “no known history of anti-Semitism” but does have a ‘long history of mental illness.’

Sure. Thomas just happened to pick the home of a Jewish rabbi during a Hannukah party.

Only the weak-minded believe that.

Prior to this attack, another deadly assault in New Jersey by extremists connected to the Black Hebrew Israelites occurred. A Jewish school looked to be the initial target. Four Jews were killed in the neighboring kosher market after they failed to get the door to the school open, Red State reported.

The fact is, instances of anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews have risen so substantially in the past few years that the Trump administration has made dealing with it a priority. Earlier this month, President Trump signed an executive order enabling the government to consider discrimination against Jews to be a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The order comes on the heels of rising anti-Semitism on our Left-wing, Democrat-run college campuses. In fact, one student from NYC’s Columbia University has already filed a legal complaint under the new order.

But clearly, there is a problem. American Jews don’t feel safe in their own country anymore, and that’s mostly true in deep blue regions owned and operated by the Garbage Party.

NOQ Report notes Jews are once again living in fear in NYC:

The rise of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City has been grabbing the attention of the national media. Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo are being called on to take action in Jewish neighborhoods as attacks against Jews for the sake of them being Jews have escalated in just the last week or so.

It’s not right that anyone should live in fear. This is why de Blasio, Cuomo, and all of the social justice politicians in New York must start taking this problem more seriously. We get enough Tweets saying they’re going to act. When are we going to see real action happening?

Meanwhile, as the attacks rise, the usual suspects — Leftists beholden to the shadow Nazi party — are deflecting blame and projecting onto Republicans and, specifically, Trump supporters.

Red State:

Because none of these attacks fit the “white supremacist” narrative, they’ve been mostly ignored. While the Tree of Life shooting stayed in the news for weeks, including full reaction at the funerals, the Jersey City shooting managed about half a day in the news cycle and there was no “national conversation.” The major outlets punted on the story within hours.

As news broke early this morning that police had apprehended the stabber of this newest attack and that he wasn’t a white nationalist, the hot takes from Democrat intersectionalists started to roll in and they are just disgusting.

Biba, who does work for NBC News and National Geographic (among others), has wisely since deleted that tweet. It does encapsulate the gross thinking on the left when it comes to anti-Semitism, namely that it only matters when it’s carried out by a white supremacist.

She’s also clearly victim blaming, attempting to place responsibility on “divisions” caused by Jews, which is nonsense. These Orthodox communities are as law-abiding and introspective as possible in the United States. They aren’t attacking others and stoking divisions. The extremism and bigoted discrimination is a one way street in this case and it’s not coming from Jews.


This, from a former Obama administration Defense Department hack who’s now running for Congress (as a Democrat, of course):

This is Democrats’ fault, without question. Their party is the party that harbors anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Their party is the party that is attracting new anti-Semites to run for congressional seats.

President Trump, meanwhile, has dedicated hundreds of millions in taxpayer resources to combatting the rising tide of anti-Semitism which is wrongly being attributed to him (and oh, what timing, huh?).

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, a Justice Department-sponsored a day-long event in July examined cases of rising anti-Semitism — in Democrat-run American cities, on Leftist college and university campuses, and in other places:

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The Trump administration is working on multiple fronts to investigate and combat a rising tide of anti-Semitism in America that top officials warned is spreading across the country via a network of far-left, anti-Israel activists, who seek to mainstream hatred against Jews at the nation’s college campuses and elsewhere.

During a daylong conference, the first of its kind for this administration, senior administration officials from across the government gathered with legal experts and scholars to address the growing threat of anti-Semitism, which has resurged in America and across the globe in recent years.

The forum comes amid disclosures by the FBI that hate crimes in the U.S. have risen steadily since 2014, with anti-Jewish hate crimes consistently comprising more than half of totals for each year.

Just to put a finer point on this, the rise of anti-Semitism is not manifesting itself in red states and red cities; it is manifesting itself in deep-blue states and metropolises where Democrats rule — because they are empowered by Left-wing Democrat voters.

There is a new Nazism in America alright, but it’s not coming from Donald Trump and his supporters, it’s coming from the other side of the aisle.

Update: Guess who else thinks anti-Semitism is coming from Democrats? A former Democrat state assemblyman from New York, Dov Hikind. He told Fox News:

When you have the Farrakhans of the world,” Hikind began, “when you have members of the United States Congress — Tlaib, Omar, AOC — when you have them indulging in hate speech themselves and to get away with it. You know, there’s a new standard, one is for antisemitism and one is for other types of hate. Unfortunately, people within my party — I’m a Democrat — within the Democratic Party there’s a double standard. The hate, the antisemitism that emanates from within the left, you don’t hear anything. You hear very little. Anything that comes from the other side, it’s all — I mean, even the mayor of the city of New York, has continued to call the hate, ‘coming from the right.’ All the hate in New York is coming from the left.

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Plenty of fake hate crimes perpetrated by the supposed victims. Plenty of documented cases.

The deep state also uses mkultra hypno-zombie killers for the majority of their “random” hate crimes. They also stage crimes scenes for the media, and hire crisis actors. Don’t believe it? Look this shit up! Red-pill yourself, dig, and think.

The objective is to keep people hating each other, so they are too preoccupied to realize the true enemies of America.

Susan Elizabeth Clemons
Susan Elizabeth Clemons

Jewish people: Keep voting Democrat for more of the same.

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Nabi Rasch
Nabi Rasch

Funny how they’d never treat Islamists like this.

Left-wing “criminal reform� measures championed by NYC Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo seem like they’re enabling MORE attacks against Jews - Global news for everyone

[…] as The National Sentinel reported, this rising Jew hate is most definitely being caused and enabled by the Donkey […]