By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) If the Garbage Party did not use ‘hate’ as a campaign strategy, they wouldn’t have one at all.

On Saturday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo featured a three-guest panel that featured a pair of race-baiting haters, Wajahat Ali and Nayyera Haq, who were there to tell us all what to look for next year as political campaigns heat up: Republican racism.


CNN contributor Wajahat Ali predicted that “the death rattle of white supremacy” will be one of the biggest stories of 2020 before painting Trump’s election as a result of white supremacy: “What we saw from 2016 with the election of Trump, every study has shown that the predominant factor for Trump voters was not economic anxiety but racial anxiety, which was exploited by Trump.”

Ali went on to predict that in 2020, America will see “the mainstreaming and further popularization of white supremacist conspiracy theories” that he argued began in 2018 with the claims of an “invasion” orchestrated by George Soros.

Ali also accused “right-wing politicians and Fox News” of “mainstreaming” white supremacist conspiracy theories.

Former State Department spokesperson Nayyera Haq warned CNN viewers to “be on the lookout” for voter suppression and accused Republicans in Florida and all across the country of orchestrating “poll taxes” and trying to put “restrictions on voting that frankly we haven’t seen since the 1960s.”

Have you ever heard such nonsensical, unhinged BS — and look, one of these fools actually worked for the State Department once upon a time (now you know why and how Trump is getting so much internal resistance to his policies — Left-wing lunatics like Haq permeate the Washington bureaucracy).

As we noted in a previous story, thanks to President Trump and Republican tax reform and economic policies, there have never been more and better opportunities in our country for minorities.

Minority support for Trump is building, not shrinking: Three polls earlier this month showed black approval for the president up by double digits, each in the low-to-mid 30s (yuuuuuge for any GOP president).

Voter suppression a Republican problem? Hardly; Democrats are the party of vote fraud, a form of voter suppression. Requiring voters to prove they are citizens isn’t “suppression,” either.

Yet, here come these goofballs to claim that we ought to be concerned about Republican racism next year.

Democrats are such haters.

The only good thing is that Cuomo’s audience, as well as that of CNN generally, is minuscule.

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