(Great Power War) A year ago during Russia’s version of a ‘state of the union’ address, President Vladimir Putin announced that his military had developed a hypersonic ballistic missile capability.

According to a report by The Duran:

During his yearly “State of the Russian Federation” speech, modeled roughly after the United States’ own “State of the Union” address, President Putin announced the deployment of six extremely advanced weapons systems and technologies.

One is a hypersonic, in-atmosphere device that can fly at Mach 20 and steer itself to evade radar and detection systems. Called the Avangard, this system was said by President Putin to already be in production and deployed.

“This system is characterized by the ability to fly in dense layers of the atmosphere at hypersonic speed to intercontinental distances and range, at speeds in excess of Mach 20,” Putin said during his speech.

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