(Great Power War) Weeks before Christmas and an Pyongyang-imposed end-of-the-year “deadline” to restart denuclearization talks, North Korean rhetoric towards the United States and South Korea grew increasingly bellicose.

Earlier this month, in fact, North Korean officials warned of a “Christmas surprise” if talks were not resumed or rescheduled.

The Pentagon not only took the North Korean warning seriously, but DoD military and intelligence officials were proactive in sending messages to leader Kim Jong-un not to do something stupid — like launch a missile at someone or conduct a nuclear test.

Christmas came and went and nothing happened, and that could have been simply because Kim was bluffing in an attempt to get President Trump to flinch.

Or it could have been due to a very unmistakable message sent by the Pentagon to Kim and his senior leaders that went something like this: ‘If you screw up and miscalculate, it could be your last mistake.’

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