(TNS) Must Americans living in major California cities be forced to live a lower quality of life than other Americans? Democrats who rule the state think so, but President Donald Trump does not.

As readers know, several major cities in the Golden State have become magnets for the homeless, turning block after block into fetid, rat-infested, filthy harbors of Medieval diseases, thanks to Garbage Party policies.

And as more California voters — including those who vote traditionally for Democrats — become fed up with stepping in human waste on their streets, not to mention having to deal with rising crime, their rulers are turning a deaf ear to the complaints.

As such, the president on Wednesday warned Gov. Gavin Newsom and his party to get their act together and clean up their cities or he will.

“Governor Gavin N has done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in California,” he tweeted. “If he can’t fix the problem, the Federal Govt. will get involved!”

Last week, Newsom blamed the federal government — Trump, essentially — for his state’s homeless problems.

The Daily Wire noted:

California Governor Gavin Newsom says that California’s failure to curb rising homelessness in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco is the fault of President Donald Trump and the Trump Administration, not a stalemate in the California legislature or failed progressive efforts to curb the rise of tent cities and transient populations.

Speaking in Sacramento, California, last week, Newsom claimed that Trump is deliberately withholding “key information” that California needs in order to properly address the homelessness problem, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“California is making historic investments now to help our communities fight homelessness,” Newsom said. “But we have work to do and we need the federal government to do its part.”

He would later repeat his allegations and then add the entire Republican Party to the list of people ‘standing in the way’ of California’s homegrown homeless problems.

But wait — isn’t this the state that refuses to help the federal government enforce laws against illegal immigration? Isn’t this the state that entertained secession after Trump was elected?

And of course, wasn’t the homeless problem created by Democrats who decriminalized it in the first place, leading to mounts of feces, “poo maps” in San Francisco, streets littered with used drug needles, and the resurgence of Medieval diseases?

Surprisingly, even the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle understands Democrats who rule the state created this mess:

While the latest counts compiled by the federal government show that America’s homeless population is growing again after more than a decade of declines, the entire national increase and more can be attributed to California alone. …

Although the state has the worst housing shortage on the U.S. mainland, resistance to dealing with it remains endemic among the Legislature’s ruling Democrats and in nominally progressive cities such as San Francisco. [‘Nominally progressive’??]

Based on a January census widely believed to underestimate the true figures, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported Friday that the nation’s homeless population grew by about 15,000 people to about 568,000, or 2.7%. The number of Californians without homes, meanwhile, spiked by more than 21,000 to nearly 130,000, or 16.4%. The state’s exploding homelessness was enough to overwhelm declines in 29 states, among them Washington, Hawaii, Massachusetts and other states with substantial housing pressures.

While the nation’s homeless population remains about 10% lower than it was a decade ago, California’s has expanded more than 22% in that time. With less than an eighth of the U.S. population, California is home to more than a quarter of the nation’s homeless people and more than half those who are unsheltered.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson noted last week that California’s homeless problem was at a “crisis level” and “needs to be addressed by local and state leaders with crisis-like urgency.”

But hey, it’s Trump’s fault.

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