(TNS) When President Donald Trump’s policies, combined with a GOP tax reform bill, began growing the U.S. economy at a pace unseen in a decade, the Garbage Party’s propaganda media tried to co-opt the growth on behalf of Barack Obama.

Yes, the economy’s doing pretty good now, they claimed, but it actually began under 44, not 45.

What a load of BS.

Yes, the economy trended upward during Obama’s administration, but it really had nowhere else to go. Unemployment following the housing and financial institution crashes spiked to more than 10 percent, foreclosures were occurring at record rates, and jobs were vanishing by the hundreds of thousands.

But let’s be clear: The average quarterly growth rate during the Obama years was anemic — around 1.88 percent. Meanwhile, the economy under President Trump has roared, growing the most since 2005.

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Not only that, Wall Street continues to set growth records, which is feeding trillions of dollars in wealth to average Americans’ 401(k) retirement accounts. Speaking of employment rates, under Trump we have the highest percentage of Americans employed in 50 years; the unemployment rate is 3.5 percent. All demographics are working in record numbers.

After the lie about Obama’s economy being better than Trump’s, the establishment media tried to talk down economic growth by quoting Left-wing economists who were certain – certain! — that the booming economy under 45 couldn’t last so we were headed for a recession.

Except that never came, either.

So now, all the propagandists in the establishment press can do to assist whichever clown manages to stumble into the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is lie about how good the Trump economy really is.

Exhibit A: CNN.

On Sunday’s edition of “[UN]Reliable Sources” with that news pimp Brian Stelter, Washington Post Opinion Columnist Catherine Rampell said flat-out lied about the booming economy.

“Before we had this $2 trillion dollar tax cut that’s below the long-term post war average of about three percent. It’s actually way below what it was when Bill Clinton was impeached. When Bill Clinton was impeached we were growing at about four-and-a-half percent,” she said.

Stelter responded that it is “fair to say the economy is growing” but those who are “Trump fans are exaggerating the growth.”

“All I hear on Fox is the economy, the economy, it’s growing incredibly,” Stelter — who is fixated on criticizing Fox News because people actually watch that network — added.

“The economy today is not substantially different from the economy before Trump took office,” Rampell fibbed. “It’s not like you can point to a point in the decline in unemployment and can see that Trump took office, the Red Sea parted and suddenly all these people gain jobs.

“These are basically the same trends we saw before, despite the fact that there has been all of this fiscal stimulus Trump has pumped into the economy through tax cuts, higher spending,” she continued, lying.

“We’re not seeing much payoff from any of it. But because those trends continue, because the economy has not crashed, for some reason Trump gets to claim credit for it, for the fact that things are okay.”

It’s because his policies and those of the GOP-passed tax cuts are responsible for the growth. And you just know that if Obama had achieved Trump’s numbers, these sycophants would be throwing them out right and left. But they’ve got nothing because Obama never grew our economy like Trump has.

As for the Clinton era, Rampell ran with it, claiming that when Clinton was impeached in December 1998 things were ‘better. According to the U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics, unemployment was at 4.4 percent at the time. Again, today it is 3.5 percent.

We keep waiting for these lunatics to realize that they don’t have a media monopoly any longer and haven’t for some time, so fact-checking them happens nearly in real-time.


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