‘Progressive?’ San Fran spends about $300k a day to keep their city poop-free (and it’s not working)

The solution to this problem is a LOT easier than spending $94 million

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) We’re told all the time that us hicks in “Deplorables” country are too backward and out of the cultural and society loop to keep up with those sharp “progressives” in Left-wing cities like San Francisco.

Well, if cultural and societal progress is measured by the number of homeless people you allow to publicly defecate and urinate on your city streets — and the amount of tax dollars committed to [unsuccessfully] cleaning it all up on a daily basis, then we suppose we’re not very…”advanced.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, city taxpayers shelled out nearly $300,000 per day — $94 million this year — to clean up city streets and public spaces continually defiled by a growing number of homeless.

And what’s the mayor’s ‘solution’ to this growing problem? Why, throw even more money at the problem while failing to actually address the problem (of homelessness…like, perhaps, doing what we deplorables do, which is to keep homeless people off our streets).

The paper reports:

Between street sweeping crews, staffed portable toilets and sidewalk steamers, San Francisco spent $94 million — or about $257,534 a day this year — trying to keep the city clean. And while progress has been made, the effort remains a losing battle.

The years of trench warfare between cleanup crews and bad actors was laid out clearly in two images Monday.

The first image was of Mayor London Breedflanked by city, civic and tourist industry leaders standing together in front of the giant Christmas tree at Union Square. The intent was to reassure tourists that the city is taking seriously concerns about its squalid streets and people behaving badly.

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While that was happening an image of a man with his pants around his knees defecating in a Marina Safeway aisle was rocketing around the internet and TV. …

And while the city and business leaders assembled in Union Square continued their public calls for compassion, privately the same leaders say behavior like that exhibited in the Safeway — while extreme — hurts both retail businesses and the city’s $9 billion-a-year tourist industry.

In fact, the mayor’s media event was intended as a high-visibility response to software giant Oracle’s decision to move its annual convention to Las Vegas after 20 years in the city. Part of the reason: the squalid conditions in downtown San Francisco.

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More “compassion?” Seriously?

If Twitter responses to the story can be believed, it appears as though residents of San Fran and California, in general, are getting fed up with Democratic ‘leadership’ on this and other issues.

Solution: Stop voting for the same idiots and the same party. It’s really just as simple as that. Otherwise, nothing’s going to change.

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