(TNS) It’s hard to imagine that House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff can sink any lower than he already has, given his involvement in perpetuating the biggest political hoax in the history of our country — Spygate — but he just did.

During an interview with PBS’ “The Firing Line,” this piece of human waste lied through his teeth — again — to claim that 2016 Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, who was spied upon for a year by rogue FBI agents who knew he wasn’t guilty of being a Russian plant, was not truthful in testimony before his committee.

And because of that, well, you know, it’s hard to have any “sympathy” for the guy.



“Do you have any sympathy for Carter Page?” Hoover asked.

“I have to say, you know, Carter Page came before our committee and for hours of his testimony, denied things that we knew were true, later had to admit them during his testimony,” Schiff responded. “It’s hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn’t honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath. It’s also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an adviser to the Kremlin.”

What an incredible liar.

As The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross pointed out, had Page actually lied to Congress under oath, the Democrat-donor attack dogs Robert Mueller assembled to try and ‘prove’ the Russian collusion hoax would have had a field day with him.

And let’s not forget the fact that Page was smeared in in the fake dossier crafted by former British spy Christopher Steele…on behalf of Fusion GPS…which was paid by law firm Perkins Coie using funds laundered through them by the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

As constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley noted in a recent column, someone owes Page a massive apology.

Page has filed a civil lawsuit against the Justice Department. If there really is any ‘justice’ left following Barack Obama’s destruction of our governing institutions, he’ll win bigly.

Meantime, any legal action against this smirking pile of cattle dung, Schiff, would be welcome, too. If members of Congress could be held legally liable for falsely accusing someone of a crime and violating their civil rights in pursuit of a hoax, Schiff would already be doing hard time.

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