(TNS) For an economy, 2020 Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren makes a pretty good fake Indian.

Proving that she and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez both went to the same Marxist school of economics, Warren was asked at the latest Garbage Party debate on Thursday to address experts’ concerns that her planned $8 trillion tax hike over a decade would literally destroy the economy.

Her answer: “They’re just wrong!

Oh. Of course. How silly of us to distrust the word of expert economists and not her, a law school professor who taught bankruptcy law.

Then again, if bankruptcy is her specialty, her tax plan is certainly one way to achieve it on a massive scale.

Now look, we don’t just say this because we disagree on literally everything Warren stands for. But she’s a socialist/Marxist, and socialism/Marxism historically has destroyed economies, not built them.

And for comparison, we offer the current economic miracle we are experiencing thanks to President Donald Trump and Republicans.

In addition to the president’s low-regulatory approach to the federal bureaucracy, the tax cuts passed in 2017 are definitely contributing to our massive growth in jobs, opportunities, and GDP.

Americans’ 401(k) retirement plans are building wealth at record rates as the stock market advances to new highs nearly on a daily basis.

You don’t lower unemployment to 3.5 percent, creating new wealth and jobs and opportunities for every demographic and ethnic group by taxing companies and individuals who create wealth into oblivion. That is Warren’s plan, and were she to become president and somehow inherit a Democratic Congress, they would transform America into one giant Venezuela.

But perhaps the best response to Warren’s incredulous arrogance came from Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas). He was amazed that Warren’s baseless retort and the audience’s cheers went unchallenged.

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