(TNS) Right on cue, the Garbage Party’s propaganda wing, the “mainstream media,” expressed ‘shock’ and ‘outrage’ last week when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he would “take his cues” on any impeachment trial of President Trump from the White House.

The usual suspects were equally appalled when Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham declared that any trial would be short, there might not even be any witnesses, and he’d move quickly to acquittal.

Democrat senators, too, were angry, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who proclaimed McConnell was “out of line” for his comments.

How in the world is the trial supposed to be ‘fair’ if GOP leaders have already made up their minds?

Well, of course, if House Democrats had returned legitimate articles of impeachment focused on real crimes, things would probably be different. But that didn’t happen.

Still, there was no outrage from the usual media suspects or Chuck U Schumer now that Democrat senators have come out and said Trump is guilty without even having a trial.

Some of them even did so live on national television Thursday night during the latest 2020 Democratic presidential debate.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley has well documented this farcical hypocrisy:

Both Democratic members and various media outfits have continued to castigate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham for saying that they will not pretend to be unbiased as jurors. I have been critical of such statements treating the Senate trial as simply a political exercise. However, I am concerned over the striking lack of media coverage of Democratic members who continue to signal that they also have made up their minds on the verdict before an actual trial has even begun.

I recently discussed the statement of Senator Chris Coons on the dangers of failing to convict and remove Trump. The latest such examples were evident last night at the Democratic debates where Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar pronounced the guilt of Donald Trump before any trial. None of those comments yielded the shock and disgust over their failure to reserve their judgment. Klobuchar declared that the impeachment was nothing less than “global Watergate.”

They are of course not alone. Many of the Democratic Senators have declared the guilt of Trump on the merit of the impeachable offenses as well as other claimed crimes.

For example, Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote in a Washington Post op-ed on Dec. 3 declaring Trump’s guilt and has previously said that Trump was guilty of a host of other impeachable and criminal offenses.

Likewise, Sen, Chris Murphy has declared “President Trump preyed on a vulnerable foreign nation, dependent on the U.S. for its survival, and used taxpayer money as leverage to get that nation to work for the personal political benefit of the president.”

Sen. Jack Reed has declared “The president essentially was trying to shake down the government of Ukraine for a political favor.”

Sen. Brian Schatz stated “The framers established impeachment for a person like him and for a time like this. What remains to be seen is whether or not the Republican Party swallows the republic.”

Sen. Ed Markey declared “Donald Trump, by his words and deeds, has left Congress with no choice but to begin an impeachment proceeding in order to protect our national security, our election security, our rule of law, indeed, our very democracy. There is no place for Donald Trump to hide.”

Jeanne Shaheen declared “It appears that the president of the United States is using his public office to extract a political ‘favor’ and interfere in our elections.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: To be a Democrat, you have to lack the ‘hypocrisy gene’ because the Garbage Party exists as walking, talking examples of deceit and dishonesty.

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