By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Most of our readers already know that the Washington Post, like its New York cousin, the NY Times, is the farthest thing from an unbiased political news source.

The paper’s staff and editors are in the tank for Democrats, always have been, always will be — but the election of Donald Trump as president pushed them all over the edge.

The Post has been complicit in every single attempt by the deep state to depose Trump since he took office: The Russian collusion hoax, Spygate; the Kavanaugh hearings; Ukrainegate.

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And at every juncture along the way, the Post has been egging on Democrats to impeach Trump for something, anything — just get him out of office, and do it yesterday!

Well, yesterday finally happened.

The Garbage Party returned articles of impeachment against the president that are so partisan and so thin and so lacking in substance and facts and truth that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t even commit to ‘transmitting’ them to the Senate.

Nevertheless, the fact that Trump became just the third president in our history to be impeached was cause for celebration at the Post, as evidenced by a tweet – since deleted — from reporter Rachel Bade:

After working so hard to cover President Trump and his administration without with bias, the Post finally got its wish.

But hey, whatever you do, don’t take that tweet the wrong way. Don’t you “misinterpret” what Bade meant. She only meant that the staff has been working so hard, you know, for so long, and, well, it was just nice to finally get a break and stuff.


Sometimes it’s best to just own your stupidity rather than exacerbate it with lameness and lies.

But lying is what Post reporters seem to do best.

‘Democracy dies in the open.’

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