(TNS) If ever there were a more true statement coming from a sitting lawmaker in Washington, D.C., we don’t remember it.

As House Democrats prepare to return articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for no other reason than to satisfy their perpetually deranged and angry voter base, Rep. Doug Collins, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, identified the real threat to the survival of our republic.

And it isn’t Republicans.

Noting in comments before the committee that he’s not a “constitutional” attorney but instead is a “pastor and attorney from north Georgia,” Collins told members that there “is a clear and president danger” to the Constitution today — “an attack and abuse of rules in the decision to get at this president.”

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That can only mean he’s talking about Democrats, who are in a rush to impeach Trump over no crimes and misdemeanors, which “started over three years ago, really, the night he was elected.”


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