(TNS) Slowly but surely, Democrats are turning the cities and states they run into enclaves of chaos and lawlessness.

What’s more, residents of those cities and states are like the proverbial frog in the pan of water, unaware that the Democrats they keep elected to office are slowly turning up the heat until one day everyone boils to death.

Democrats in New York and New Jersey are the latest to provide illegal aliens — people who have no legal right to be in our country — driver’s licenses, a brazen act of lawlessness that the Department of Homeland Security warns will only help shelter criminals.

“This will protect criminals at the expense of the safety and security of law-abiding New York residents,” DHS said in a statement Tuesday.

“Beside[s] giving drivers licenses to hundreds of thousands of people who broke our laws and have come to our country illegally, the New York law also blocks DHS law enforcement officers who investigate crimes, like child exploitation, human trafficking, terrorism, the targeting of gang members, sex offenders and drug smuggling, from accessing important public records,” the press release continued.

“Accessing this information is vital to building out these criminal cases, identifying criminal suspects, and enhancing officer safety,” the department added.

New York and New Jersey Democrats couldn’t care less, however.

Their objective is to ‘legalize’ or give the appearance of legalization to as many potential voters as possible, so they can scam the system and perpetuate their grip on power in those regions of the country they currently control.

And to hell with the residents who live there. Residents who, by the way, are expected to follow the laws these same Democrats pass for them.

Slowly, steadily, and surely residents of these cities and states are voting for their own demise by returning the destructive Garbage Party to power year after year and then scratching their heads wondering why and how ‘things got so bad.’

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