(TNS) Rep. Maxine Waters, like most Democrats, would rather see our country torn asunder than to allow a man who was duly elected president to serve out his term.

Political opposition is one thing; after all, she does have constituents who (for some reason) continue to return her to office. She is there to serve them.

But she (and every other politician we elect to serve in our stead) owes her constituents the truth.

For instance, she may not care for President Donald Trump’s policies and she might not care for his demeanor. But clinging to a hoax — “Russia collusion” — is not simply a problem for a psychologist, it is harmful to the body politic and the civil society in general.

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She is still actively selling to her constituents the lie that a foreign power has been able to place a Manchurian candidate in the White House.

It’s the stuff of Hollywood movies, but Waters is trying to convince her constituents and other Democrat voters it is true despite one report after another after another — many from official government sources not friendly to the president — that have debunked the lie.

And worse, during an interview Monday with the Crackpot News Network, she even said she doesn’t have any evidence herself to support the allegation.

Absolute bat-stuff crazy. And no pushback from the host.

Does Waters recall that Russia invaded Crimea and began supporting a civil war in Ukraine during the god king Obama’s watch?

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Trump, meanwhile, supplied lethal assistance — weapons — to Ukraine in response to that incursion by Russia. Obama never did. But his VP, Joe Biden, sure threatened to withhold money from Kiev unless a certain prosecutor investigating a corrupt company that was paying son Hunter millions was fired.

A ‘quid pro quo’ kind of thing. Might even call that bribery.

Honestly, though, we don’t expect much else from Waters.

Recall, she is the one who implored her supporters to physically confront Trump administration officials as well as Trump supporters wherever they find them, in public, and make them feel…unwelcome. In their own country.

By perpetuating the Russian collusion lie, Maxine proves she either doesn’t have the honor to serve in Congress or the intelligence. Either way, she is a destructive force for social cohesion.

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