(TNS) A Michigan Democrat representing a district President Donald Trump won in 2016 likely just ended her short political career after announcing Monday she’d vote for the two articles of impeachment against him.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin wrote in the Detroit Free Press:

I will be voting yes on both. And I want all of my constituents to know why.

On abuse of power: I believe that the President illegally solicited the help of foreigners to influence the American political process. On September 19, the President’s lawyer announced proudly on live TV that he had encouraged Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. On September 22, in response to a reporter’s question, the President affirmed it. The President later went on to encourage China to “investigate” his political rival, doubling down on it when asked by reporters. 

These first-person statements, on top of the raft of first- and second-hand accounts provided in sworn testimony, paint a clear picture of a president abusing the power of his office for personal political gain.

Oh, and the president is also guilty of obstruction of justice because he “sent out unprecedented guidance to refuse and ignore the requests and subpoenas of the inquiry.”

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The president, as head of the Executive Branch, has constitutional powers and authorities and rights as well, same as the Legislative Branch.

But when the president is Donald Trump, those rules and authorities don’t apply.

Anyway, Slotkin is one of 31 House Democrats representing districts the president won — red or red-leaning — in 2016.

Her constituents, whom she is supposed to be representing, let her know of their displeasure.

“I think this is going to seal the deal,” Michigan resident Ken Quint told MSNBC following Rep. Slotkin’s town hall in Rochester, Michigan. “I think I will not vote for her.”

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Others showed up to her town hall with “Impeach Slotkin” signs.

“If this is the end of my political career, at least I’m doing what I think is right,” Slotkin said.

Well, it may be the end of her political career, and she make believe that what she’s doing is ‘right,’ but the fact remains there isn’t any evidence to support any criminal actions by the president.

And voters have a say, too.

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