Stupidity: #WhitePower trending on social media following Army-Navy game after innocuous cadet gesture caught on TV

(TNS) One of the greatest American sports traditions is the annual Army-Navy football game.

Watched and adored by tens of millions, it’s the one game during the college football season scores of fans circle on their calendars.

You could say that it’s an American tradition as much as its a sports tradition: Cadet athletes from two of our country’s prestigious military academies line up to play each other for the Commander-in-Chief Trophy and bragging rights for an entire year.

The annual event took place on Saturday, and despite the lopsided Navy win, the game was still hard-fought and every bit an event that lived up to its billing.

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But because the Left hates traditional America and especially an institution — the U.S. military — that embodies our culture, heritage, and republican form of government, they take every opportunity they can find to insult it, besmirch it, and tear it down.

Even if they have to make something up.

Following yesterday’s game, the hashtag #WhitePower began trending on social media because some people appeared to intentionally mistake a hand gesture by a cadet as a white power symbol.

Immediately, defenders of the military chimed in.

Some in the media are already taking the bait as well.

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So are the ‘national security experts’ afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But wait…what’s this? WWE harbors such vile people?

Okay, so Cena is clearly flashing the “OK” sign.

We did. So the Circle Game is a real thing, and remember, while these individuals are military cadets, they are also very young men and women — college-age, in fact — so, ‘games people play.’

Columnist, author, and former U.S. Army colonel Kurt Schlichter isn’t having any.

We’ll see how this all turns out but our initial impression is that these cadets were simply fooling around. But we’re already certain that it has nothing to do with “Trump’s America.”

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That hand signal is used by scuba divers, one of many used to communicate underwater.

The left is full of racist idiots who should all be institutionalized before they hurt someone.


The “OK” hand symbol was a Chan troll. This is NOT a white power salute. Bunch of dirtfaggot gaystapo buttclowns making up crap again.

I use the middle finger to salute these imbeciles!

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